Mario Walkthrough and Mario Cheats

Here is a compilation of various Mario walkthrough and Mario Cheats. You will notice that some games have been given more than 1 walkthrough by different people, this is simply because some cover some points that the other hasn't and vice versa. If you have written a walkthrough please don't hesitate to let me know!

Let's face it, some Mario games can be tough and you just want to get to the next level. That's no problem! I'm sure we can find a Super Mario Walkthrough that matches the game you are playing!


Super Mario Bros. FAQ/Walkthrough - bsulpher
Super Mario Bros. 2 For the NES FAQ/Walkthrough - Ryan Harrison
SMB3 Guessing Card game answers - Mike Truitt
SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 FAQ/Walkthrough v4.5 - Snow Dragon
Super Mario Bros 3 cheats - Learn some tricks and secrets in super mario bros 3!


Super Mario Allstars FAQ/Walkthrough - NMorgan
Mario Kart FAQ/Walkthrough - Dark Vortex
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars FAQ/Walkthrough - Super Slash
Super Mario World FAQ/Walkthrough - Matthew Reynolds
Super Mario World Walkthrough - A video walkthrough of the awesome Super Mario World!

Nintendo 64

Super Mario 64 - Guide to the 120 stars
Paper Mario Walkthrough - A video and text walkthrough of the classic Paper Mario for Nintendo 64!

Nintendo Gamecube

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough - Looking for some help clearing your name on Isle Delfino? Look no further!

Nintendo DS

New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough - Video and Text walkthroughs for this awesome 2D best selling DS masterpiece!

Nintendo Wii Mario Walkthroughs

Mario Kart Wii Shortcuts - Looking for a faster way? Check out some of these cool Mario Kart Wii Shortcuts in these 2 videos!