Mario Birthday Party Ideas

Over the past few years I have run this website I have receieved a lot of e-mails. A couple of them were in regards to making a Mario Themed Birthday Party. So here is the page! A collection of ideas that can help improve your Mario Birthday party!

Mario Birthday Ideas


There are some simple masks you can make at home which can make your party that little bit extra special! Here is a picture of a Boo mask that Jessica sent to me. This was actually a bean bag game, where kids would throw bean bags through the mouth, but I like the idea of a mask too!

Boo Mask

This gives you a good idea of how you could make your favourite character into a mask! Of course, you could simply have accessories like stick on moustasches or Crowns for the girls.

Going with the accessory theme, Jessica also sent me some pictures of hats she made, notice that the girls hats have a pink ribbon and a flower.

Mario Birthday Hats

Mario Birthday Games

Every birthday needs games, and a Mario Bros. Birthday is no exception! Here is your chance to be creative! Get some cardboard boxes and get the kids to paint them as their favourite Mario Kart, next get some pieces of string and tie them to the boxes so that the kids can get inside them and have the ropes holding the box up around them.

The kids can now have a race to see who has the fastest Mario kart! The winner gets some candy. This works even better if you have a Mario type reward, this could be anything from some Mario pez, Mario Candy, or if you are really into it, some kind of cake shaped like a power up (mushroom, star etc.), there is a lot of room for creativity here.

Jessica also submitted a picture of her "Pin the Moustasche on Mario" game.

Pin the Moustasche on Mario

Hannah Jones has created her own game also, with this fantastic drawing of Bowser. This game is called "Pin the mowhawk on Bowser"! (The image has been scaled down, click on it to see the original size).

Mario Birthday Ideas

Yoshi Egg Hunt - If you have the time you can paint a series of eggs in Yoshi colors and have the kids collect them! The winner could win either a stuffed Mario toy or some sweets!


We have all seen some really amazing Mario cakes on our blog, but you don't have to go too fancy to achieve a Mario styled cake. Here is a picture of Jessica's test cake, note she was experimenting with the colours so Mario's colour isn't perfect, but it still looks amazing!

Mario Cake

Mario Cake
Mat's 1 up cake!

Princess Peach Birthday Party Ideas

If you have a daughter she may be a fan of a more regal themed Mario birthday party. Why not try some of these princess party ideas to mix Mario into your little girls princess party.

Decorate your house like peach's castle! Paint bricks on cardboard and give your guests a red carpet entry into your home! Velvet drapes will greatly add to the overall regal and princess-y theme of the party.

Incorporate some of our above game ideas into your party but also include some girly tasks such as tiara or jewelry making. Lucky for us the Princess is a pretty versatile character so it is easy to come up with spins on traditional princess party ideas.