Animal's Wearing Super Mario Bros Costumes

We can't be all serious Mario all the time. Now and then you need to take it easy and pat a dog. And then dress them up in a hat. And moustache. And overalls!

Some might argue that you aren't a true gamer until you have dressed up an animal in some form of cosplay. Others may argue that's crazy. One thing we can all agree on though is that Animals are cute. And somehow, possibly due to the mysterious powers of Mr. Miyamoto, animals are even cuter when they are wearing a Super Mario costume!

Enjoy with us if you will a collection of pictures from the internet of Animals wearing Super Mario costumes!

smb baby mario luigi dog.jpg
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smb cat wearing mario hat.jpg
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smb chain chomp dog costume.jpg
smb chinchilla wearing super mario costume.jpg
smb corgi costume.jpg
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smb ferret mario costume.jpg
smb guinea pig mario costume.jpg
smb horse super mario costume.jpg
smb husky costume.jpg
smb spotted spaniel mario costume.jpg
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smb toddler luigi bulldog mario.jpg
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smb yoshi dog costume.jpg
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