Mario Screensavers

What better way to jazz up your boring computer than with one of our snazzy Super Mario Screensavers!

Mario Mayhem loves everything to do with Mario-fying every day items, and that doesn’t stop with the computer! Not only can you have a Mario Wallpaper but now the action continues when your computer is inactive!

Here is a collection of Free Mario Screensavers for you to download and use.

Super Mario bros Screensaver Super Mario Bros Nes Sceensaver
This is a screensaver of the original Super Mario bros title screen, I must for die hard original Mario fans
Mario Bros Screensaver Mario bros Screensaver
The original Mario bros this time, for those of you who remember back that far to the arcade days. This is a screensaver including the title screen and game introduction.
Super Mario RPG Screensaver Super Mario RPG Screensaver
That's right, we even have something for the RPG Fans. This screensaver comes packed with an installer to save you the hassle of manually installing it. The screensaver itself features images from the Super Mario RPG game.
Super Mario World Screensaver Super Mario World Screensaver
A Mario Screensaver page isn't complete without one of the best Mario games! This Super Mario World Screensaver includes the title screen and intro from the famous game.
Super Mario Bros. 3 Screensaver Super Mario bros 3 SNES Screensaver
This screensaver features the classic Super Mario Bros 3 introduction taken from Super Mario allstars.
Super Mario Bros Snes Screensaver Super Mario Bros SNES Sceensaver
The original Super Mario Bros title screen but this time taken from Super Mario allstars.
Super Mario Kart Screensaver Super Mario Kart Sceensaver
This screensaver also comes with it's own installer to set up your screensaver and features the title screen from Super Mario Kart.
Dr Mario Screensaver Dr Mario Screensaver
The intro screen and (after a little wait) a demo of one of the levels. I'm sure this game started the careers of many Doctors!
Super Smash Bros Screensaver Super Smash Bros Screensaver
Love smash bros from the Nintendo 64? I know I do! Why not smash bros-ify your computer a little bit and add this Intro video for Super Smash Bros 64 as your screen saver?

After investigating I believe most of these screensavers originated from here.