Mario Paint Composer

Those of us from the Super NES generation will remember Mario Paint like it was yesterday. It was such a strange game! Not only did you swat gnats and colour in Yoshi but you could also compose music, all with the click of a bizarre SNES mouse!

I'm not sure about you but I lost a decent chunk of my life with that Mario Paint composer section though. You may have already seen our Mario Paint Songs section ,well now you can download the Mario paint composer and create your own tunes!

Download Mario Paint Composer Now

It took me a long time to download it from the original UnFun Games link so I have provided a mirror here:

Mario Paint Composer Download

The above download is for the windows/PC version but I also stumbled across a Mac version which seems to have disappeared from the UnFun website. I haven't been able to test this personally but I am assured it works.

Mario Paint Composer for Mac OSX download

Once you have tried it out make sure to check out what other people have created in our Mario Paint Music section!

So, We’ve spent a lot of time playing Mario Paint Music (time well-spent, if you’d ask us). But Mario isn’t the only hero that kept us hooked in front of our screens … Spiderman, Batman and many others you can find right here, had the same effect on us. Heck, we still fight crime on their side today, playing some excellent Marvel-themed slots! But to us, Mario is still the man. Unlike all the other slots heroes you can find in this link, Mario is a regular dude like us. He slurps his spaghetti or he’ll order pizza and milkshake over protein shake without hesitation...That’s our kind of hero!