Wii Homebrew

A review by Mario Mayhem

wii homebrew

I wouldn’t normally write about this sort of thing but I get so many questions and e-mails about Wii Homebrew and how to unlock wii to allow you to play emulators, backed up games and even watch DVDs using your good old wii. Instead of answering each e-mail individually I thought it may be easier to just write a review about the software I have used in the past to help me get around these little boundaries that our friends at Nintendo have placed on the wii.

MyHomebreWare allows you to safely unlock your wii, play backed up games without a modchip, play homebrew games and apps, allows you to watch DVD’s on your wii and they even throw in a free emulator so you can play all your old favourite 64, snes and Sega games! This amazing software lets you softmod wii in a whole new way!

You can even play files like avi, mp3 and mp4 so you can have friends around and use your wii not only as a cool gaming station but as a media center! Another cool thing: Your aunty has just gone over seas and brought you home a present, a brand new wii game. The problem? The game is from the wrong region! The solution? Wii Homebrew! Once you have this installed on your wii you will be able to play games from all regions including PAL (Europe and Australia) and NTSC (USA)!

The price for this is $29.95 USD which is really quite cheap considering what you are able to do with your Wii once you have installed the software. It’s very easy to install, the site offers many video tutorials and also an owner’s manual to ensure you are covered regardless of wii version or configuration.

Check them out if you are looking to unlock the real power of your wii! I hope this helps some people out.

wii homebrew Review

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