Super Mario Movie

The Super Mario Movie was certainly a wild ride! An interesting game-turned-movie crossover that managed to incorporate a wide range of characters from the mushroom kingdom. Well worth a watch for any true gamer!

Mario Brothers Movie Review

Imagine your favorite video game heroes, Mario and Luigi were real. Yes, those Italian plumbers right here in the flesh. Also imagine all those annoying villains from the video game, mostly King Koopa and a few other "dinosaur" like villains try to take over the world. Add in a damsel in distress and a few funky and awkwardly used video game terms such as "Koopa Coins" and "Power ups" and you have what is in a nutshell a description of the Super Mario Brothers movie.

In 1993, directors Rocky Morton and Annable Jankle decided to bring everyone's favorite video game heroes to the big screen. What was an attempt to feed off the popular video game franchise was a movie that was based so loosely off the video games that viewers often felt as if they were being transported to some Mushroom Kingdom just watching the movie.

Offical Super Mario Bros Movie Trialer

Here's the plot in a brief description

Mario and Luigi are two Italian plumbers living out of Brooklyn, New York. Their plumbing business has been forced to close due to some mafia like people who have been trying to run them out of town. Luigi, briefly meets an orphaned NYU student who goes by the name of Daisy and who happens to be working on a dig trying to find dinosaur bones. In an attempt to romance Luigi, she brings him to the dig site, where lo and behold a plumbing problem occurs. Luigi is unprepared and doesn't have his tools so he rushes back to his much older brother Mario to get the tools and fix the leak. As Mario, Luigi and Daisy work to fix the leak, two characters known as Spike and Iggy knock out Mario and Luigi and take off with Daisy into some strange warped dystopia universe.

In this universe are dino like people who have evolved from dinosaurs and not apes. These people run around like crazy looking for Koopa Coins and attacking each other. These dino-people, became trapped in this universe after a meteorite crashed and caused them to be sealed off from the rest of the world.

Koopa, who is a human looking dino man, wants to run for president of the dino-people but when he hears that there is a potential for both humans and dino-human worlds to merge he decides that he wants to rule both worlds and sends them to get Daisy, who happens to really be a girl from the dino-world with a father who was turned into a fungus (See the slight parell to the game) and wears a pendent with a rock that Koopa believes will merge the worlds. As it turns out, Mario and Luigi end up with the pendent, so Koopa believes that Daisy will be able to open the gates and allow the worlds to merge, making Koopa king of everything.

In the end Mario and Luigi, slime Koopa. Daisy's father turns back to normal. Daisy must stay to reverse all the problems in the world, and leaves a very heart broken Luigi to help the kingdom with her new friends Yoshi and Toad.

This is a fan made Mario Movie trailer, I just thought it was cool.

So there might be a few more details to the movie that were left out but for the most part that was what occurred. As die hard fans of the game can tell, the movie is very loosely based off the video game (the names are the same and Daisy wearing a pendent is the same but the rest is just a fuzzy plot of the real game). It's as if the directors took the basic concept of the game and turned it into some apocalyptic joke.

Die hard fans will find this movie a good laugh, while other fans of this movie just might watch it and say "What the heck". Either way, Super Mario Brothers Movie is something that can't be missed to a true Mario fan. It's worth every laugh!

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