Nintendo Direct Written Format 31.8.2021

Nintendo Direct Written Format 31.8.2021

Author: Epic person
Post Date: Feb 27, 2021, 11:09 am
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Not Nintendo Direct. I like dinosaurs, direct! 2021

Our favoirte red plumber, I like dinosaurs, will have some cool games in the year. Its his 1 day anniversary after all! 
Japenese man walks up - Kakashoro Miun Tyoion Nuoib
Blah Blah Blah Not Undersable

1 Anniversary. Since we have played all of I like dinos games, lets pack 3 games in with absoloutely no effort. Our wonderful unoriginal Mario-Inspired Ideas have been flowed onto a unreasonable 69.99 price

1 Anniversay, u have to use no effort and build auto levels and Mario 1-1 Remakes And u get extra likes if its a lil timmy levels. Pls enjoy our totally not broing and definetely not bd game. Lil Dino Auto And Remake Maker! T M

1 Annivesy, this is getting repetitive and we dont even care anymore, we ake too muc money.. Our devs are bored and were scared to admit it.

Thats all for today, thanks for watching, Imean reading but whatever.

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1/10 - boring
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1/10 - Nintendo aaaahhhaahhahahaha



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