About Us!

The original site I made was hosted on the old envy.nu servers, supermario.envy.nu was the old URL, so some of you older mario fansite fan's may even remember me. However that content was deleted some time ago by the hosting company and I lost most of my old pages over the years, but I kept a lot of my image collection gathered from many different sites so not all was lost.

It has been a long time in between drinks, with no Mario site for about 3 years now. But that doesn't mean I havn't been playing the games ;D This site was first created on Saturday the 2nd of December 2006, but wasn't released to the public until a few days later...there was a lot of content to get organised properly before unleashing it too you all.

I am particularly proud of the Draw a Mario Section and it is one of the better features of the site in my opinion, causes some great laughs on myspace pages with some rather not-looking-like-Mario pieces. Compare your drawings to your friends and see who is the better Mario artist!

I do my best to keep all my content as organised and up to date as possible, but being a full time student there are times when I do fall behind; I do this for fun, not for profit. The only reason the advertisements are here is to cover the cost of the hosting (and they don't even do that).

Thanks to the continued support of everyone who keeps writing in with new content and images, and all around praises, it makes what I do feel worth while.

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