Mario Wallpapers

Here is a small collection of Super Mario Wallpapers that you can download and use as your desktop backgrounds!

Do you need a little bit more Mario during your work on the computer? How about adding a sweet looking SMB wallpaper? We have all kinds to choose from like retro pieces, hand painted Mario wallpapers and even the latest Switch classics in background wallpaper form!

I don't know about you, and maybe it's just because I run a Super Mario website, but I love to have Mario all around me! So what better place than a PC or Mac background that features our Nintendo star? I love booting up my computer every day and having it cycle through wonderful bits of Nostalgia. Plus they are bright and fun Wallpapers that you get a peek at every time you minimize everything!

So what are you waiting for? Simply click on one of the below HD wallpapers in the size you require and then right click and "save as" and then add it as your own personal Computer Wallpaper! Easy and satisfying for sure! You can even set your new fangled comps to rotate wallpapers so why not save a bunch and have them rotate around so you have something new to look at every 10 minutes or however long you need to appreciate some Mario art!