Mario Pumpkin

Ah there was something about Mario Mayhem that just felt incomplete. Sure I had posted some Halloween Mario Pumpkin Carvings on bower’s blog once or twice but I never felt like the Mario pumpkins had got all the attention they deserve. Whether you are preparing for Halloween or if you are just looking for a fun activity to do with your kids a Mario Pumpkin is a fantastically spooky way to pay tribute to our favorite plumber.

What if a Good Samaritan wanted a Mario Pumpkin Stencil or a Mario pumpkin template? They would have to sift through our random blog posts until they found some cool Mario pumpkin pictures that they could use as a guide…and that is when I thought it was time to create this Mario pumpkin pattern page to help all of you that want to Mario-fy your Halloween! Hopefully these examples and actual pumpkin stencils will give you inspiration and guidance on making that perfect Mario Pumpkin. I know I should have saved this as a Halloween update but at least I’m not too late, it is only November.

If you have a super Mario pumpkin stencil or Mario Pumpkin that isn’t shown here please email me as I would love to add it! Onwards with our collection of various Mario pumpkin patterns!

So what are you waiting for? Halloween is just around the corner and one of these printable mushroomkingdom stencils will be super fun to make for yourself or with your kids!

Mario Pumpkin
Mario Pumpkin
A Super Mario Brothers 3 inspired Pumpkin
Mario Pumpkin
Even Bowser and Wario make their ways onto Pumpkins
Mario Pumpkin
8 Bit Mario Pumpkin Pattern
Mario Pumpkin
Here is a Clearer Mario Pumpkin pattern you can use to trace!
Mario Pumpkin
Same pattern, just some more clearance to make life easier.
Mario Pumpkin
Mario and Goomba, together in Pumpkin form
Mario Pumpkin
Here is the same pumpkins with the lights on
Mario Pumpkin
Even Paper Mario makes an appearance in Pumpkin form!
Mario Pumpkin
Here is a Bowser pattern you can use as a Pumpkin Stencil.
Mario Pumpkin
Boo! The famous ghost from Super Mario Bros. lives on in Pumpkin Stencil form!
Racoon Mario Pumpkin
Looking for the famous Racoon Mario in Pumpkin form? Here is an awesome SMB3 Pumpkin Stencil for you!
Mario Pumpkin
This sweet Mario Pumpkin Stencil shows a side on silhouette of Mario!
Fire Mario Pumpkin
This epic 2 Pumpkin Fire Mario should serve as some inspiration this Halloween!
Super Paper Mario Pumpkin
Super Paper Mario! In Pumpkin disguise that is!
Super Mario Ghost Pumpkin
Need a real life example of a Boo Pumpkin? How's this for awesome!
Mario Pumpkin
A few miscellaneous Nintendo Characters in Jack-o-Lantern form!
Super Mario Odyssey Pumpkin stencil
Thanks to Brodie for this amazing Super Mario Odyssey Pumpkin Stencil
Mario Odyssey halloween Pumpkin
Brodie's complete carved halloween Jack-o-Lantern!
Super Mario Goomba Printable Pumpkin stencil
Pay homage to the almighty Goomba this halloween! Print this stencil out now!
Super Mario Mushroom halloween Pumpkin Stencil
Get a power up pumpkin now! Go as large Mario with this sweet little Mushroom Pumpkin Stencil!

If Video is more your style check out Zach C carving a Mario Pumpkin: