How To Draw Mario

We wouldn’t want to throw you in the deep end with our Draw a Mario game without first giving you at least the option to receive a little help! Here is a page dedicated to help you learn how to draw Mario and also some other characters from the Mushroom kingdom!

We have covered off just about everything else related to drawing Mario, such as our draw a Mario game, Mario fan art section, colour Mario in page and our various collections of Mario Game pictures so it was about time we had a page dedicated to learning how to draw Mario, and what better way to do that then through cool videos of people drawing their favourite characters?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to art (well at least that is always my excuse) so use these videos as a guide to how you may approach drawing some of your favourite Super Mario characters!

Super Paper Mario:

How to Draw Super Mario:

Shadow Peach:

How to draw piranha plant:

How to draw Yoshi:

How to draw Toad:

How to draw Shyguy:

How to draw Wario:

How to draw Waluigi: