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Mario Mayhem

Please check out our Sister site Super Mayhem for more general Video Game goodness! We have hacks, facts, sprites and all kinds of stuff! Come check it out!

Still got some more NES hacking action in you? Check out these Super Mario Bros 3 Game Genie Cheats We have a bunch of awesome fan discovered cheat codes you just have to try!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On March 18th 2020

Looking for something a little more Deluxe? How about these Super Mario Bros. Deluxe GBC Sprites!? Check them out for a bit of nostalgia and fun!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On March 1st 2020

Another addition of Game Genie Hijinx today! Going in order, we now have Super Mario Bros 2 Game Genie Cheats for the NES added to our collection. Enjoy the codes and the video!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On February 4th 2020

Want to hack the classic SMB on the NES? Now you can with Super Mario Bros. Game Genie Codes! These are super fun and super crazy, I hope you enjoy!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On January 24th 2020

Looking to shoot some Koopas in a Goldeneye 007 clone with Mario skins? Well now you can! A Goldeneye 007 With Super Mario Characters Rom is now available and you should totally play it on your N64 emulator!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On January 17th 2020

Happy New Year everyone! To start us off right, today we have a guest post that is The Most Downloaded Retro Mario Games! This is super interesting no matter what your stance on rom's is! Enjoy!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On January 4th 2020

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone! To celebrate the occasion we now have a page for Yoshi's Island Game Genie Codes to compliment our newest video! Now you can hack the 1995 classic in true style!
Mario Christmas

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On December 25th 2019

I can't believe this was missing from Mario Mayhem! Now you can Download the SNES font! Whether you want to recreate some classic box art or you just want to add some Super Nintendo goodness to your art, now you can!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On December 6th 2019

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