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Mario Mayhem

If you love video games then be sure to check out our sister site supermayhem.com! It has all kinds of game genie cheats, facts, stats and other random and fun Video Game things!

As a Christmas present to me this year I got myself my first Super Mario Tattoo! It's on the back of my left hand. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, I wear Mario! Also now I can join a bikie gang...I think! Merry Christmas everyone!
Mario Christmas

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On December 26th 2020

In traditional Mario Mayhem style I forgot that it was our birthday on the 2nd of December! MM is now 14 years old and still going strong! Don't forget we are on Instagram! And if you want to support the Mayhem family in the future please consider taking a look at our Patreon page, any support is greatly appreciated and helps with website hosting as well as video production on our YouTube channel! Thanks so much to everyone that has visited and (hopefully) enjoyed MarioMayhem.com over the years! If you didn't visit us, we wouldn't be here. Thank you!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On December 19th 2020

Today we have added a few more descriptions to our Mario Cartoons! This includes The Wheel Thing, Send in the Clown, Ghost's "R" Us, The Night before cave Christmas and King Scoopa Koopa! More to come soon!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On November 27th 2020

Want more mad hax for SMW? Check out these Game Genie Cheats for Super Mario World Part 2!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On November 9th 2020

From flying karts to always coming first in races, make sure you take a look at our new page Game Genie Cheats for Super Mario Kart on the SNES!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On October 19th 2020

Do you want to hack Super Mario All Stars on the SNES? Our new page may help! Check out Game Genie Cheats for Super Mario All Stars!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On September 29th 2020

With flash becoming outdated it is time to say good bye to Draw a Mario as we know it! Thank you so much to the 101088 people that drew a Mario on our site! They are all preserved and can be viewed as they always were via the page here. We will be looking to update it in the future to comply with newer technologies, but for the time being you can enjoy the ones already created!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On July 31st 2020

Our Super Mario Graffiti page has just been a little revamped! Enjoy!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On June 23rd 2020

Notice: I'm taking steps to make MM more secure than ever with a new SSL certificate (the good old padlock of safety!). With this in mind whilst this transition takes place you may encounter some errors or even browser alerts claiming parts of the page are insecure. Please rest assured that MM is safer than ever but some pieces of the puzzle need to still be put together. I appreciate your continued support whilst I sort this move out!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On May 28th 2020

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