Does Wii Homebrew Work?

Some commonly asked Wii Homebrew questions

Does wii homebrew work

After my previous article about Wii Homebrew I received a staggering amount of e-mails about it! The primary question seemed to be: Does homebrew wii really work? The answer? It sure does! Some people find it hard to believe but it is possible to install some software on your wii and turn it into a full on entertainment system that will not only allow you to play backed up and imported games, but you will also be able to play dvd’s, mp3s, emulators and a whole host of other cool things.

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Wii Homebrew Review

Another big concern that was raised in the e-mails I received was regarding warranty and this product addresses this issue wonderfully. It’s no secret that many Wii modifications can cause problems with the Wii and even void the warranty. This is no longer a problem with Wii Homebrew! Since you can install it easily without touching any of the Wii’s hardware there is no risk to voiding your warranty! In just 15 minutes you can easily install wii homebrew on your wii and play new games, dvds, mp3s, and simply unlock the full potential of your wii. Homebreware does all this with such ease which is why I have given it 5 out of 5 stars.

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For a short time only Homebreware is having a 40% sale on their Wii Homebrew Kit! If you are quick you can get yourself all of the wonderful benefits of Wii homebrew for only $29.00. I’m not sure how long this offer will run for but it’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade your Wii without breaking the budget (or your wii!).

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