Super Mario Creepypasta Stories

Do you believe that Super Mario is nothing but wholesome colourful fun? Perhaps you should think again! In this section of Mario Mayhem we are taking a look at some interesting and down right creepy Super Mario stories!

So what is a Creepypasta? Well WikiPedia has a great definition "Creepypastas are horror-related legends or images that have been copied and pasted around the Internet."

Naturally because it incorporates the term "internet" you know that Mario is going to be involved at some point! It's kind of like that rule 32 or whatever it is where everything has become naked...I can't remember the number but you know what I mean, except we are talking about Creepypastas instead. Is there a rule for that? I don't know, there should be if there isn't!

Anyway, as with everything on Mario Mayhem this is a growing section and will hopefully be elaborated on at some point. But until then please enjoy the Super Mario Creepypasta stories below...if you dare!

Super Mario Scary Stories:

The tale of M A R I O - Creepypasta - The story of a Super Mario World hack that is in itself a Creepypasta!

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