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Hello friends it’s Tim here again from Super Mayhem Awhoo and today we are going to be taking a different look at our good old plumber friend Super Mario.

Sure, we all know and love the bright colourful characters that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom and naturally we all love the games they exist in. However, as life itself is a duality between good and bad, black and white, light and darkness, everything, no matter how wholesome, can have a bad side.

What follows my friends is a tale so steeped in mystery and the macabre that it may very well be true or maybe just figments of overheard conversations, bits of online hysteria and misinterpretations.

Whatever the case may be this story is sure to creep the pants off you and have you saying Mama Mia due to these hidden horrors. So go ahead and smash like and Subscribe with notifications on before you get too afraid and turn off your computer and start looking for your mother, because today my friends we are delving into the deep web of Super Mario, I’m talking about creepypastas.

M A R I O creepypasta

This creepypasta is simply named MARIO, all in caps, so you know it’s good. There is quite a lot of detail known about this scary story and it does involve a certain amount of demonic flavour, eloquently described by a Mario fan gamer. So what is it? Well it’s actually a Super Mario World rom hack that is floating around the internet and was posted by the user Adam on SMW Central. However the creator of this patch was made by a user named M A R I O who simply had a Mario character as their avatar without a face. To make this even weirder, this user would become inactive for long periods of time only to surface with something new and terrifying every few months or so until the account was disabled.

The description of the hack/patch is “As you play the role of Super Mario plumber, verify that you are beautiful Purinsesutozutouru again Bowser kidnapped the evil king. It is your job to save her! This hack includes six levels of very long.” I’m not sure what a “Purinsesutozutouru” is but it sounds intense.

Our gamer goes on to tell his story about playing this evil thing and I’ll do my best to summarize it and set the scene for you.

One late night when this gamer was bored he came across this MARIO smw hack and laughed at it’s description. Never the less he decided to play the game. The title screen was simple, no dates, no hacker names, just simply MARIO. Thinking this was weird he went further into the game. The zip file generated 2 files, one a simple text file called 3007014 and the IPS file. When he opened the text file it was full of garbled nonsense, but hiding near the top of the .txt file was a piece of English mixed in: ÿØÿà JFIF H H ÿþ 1find me find me find me find me find me find meÿÛ C

An un-nerving discovery by this gamer, to say the least.

Mario dull sprite

Someone at SMWcentral was actually able to convert this text file into a partial image and do a reverse image look up on Google, what they found is completely obscene.

Upon playing the game, this unfortunate soul found that the colour palette was just wrong. Super Mario is known to be a bright and vibrant game but this hack was dull in colour, red seemed to be tinted grey and the overall appearance of the game was just unsettling.

Mario introduction

Starting a new game, this man was met with a small introduction to the game, not that unusual until you take a closer look. “Welcome! This is dinosaur land. In this strange land we find that Princess Toadstool is missing again! Looks like Mario is at it again!” This clearly lays out that the antagonist is actually Mario and not Bowser in this game.

The game map itself presented as normal, same maps and level patterns but there was small changes to the level names themselves. Such as “Yoshi’s House” being replaced with simply “Yoshi’s”. When you enter this stage all the loving home, birds and trees are gone. Instead there is a message box which spits out a bunch of Binary code and is signed by Yoshi himself. Apparently if you decipher this binary it reads “notepad”, I guess it was trying to direct you to its eerie message hiding in the zip.

Suspense building and going on further the first level, it’s name is “never come back”. Not something you would normally see in a Mario game but being a hack the gamer was expecting some kind of kaizo Mario styled game play where everything is out to get you. Well this was kind of the case, but not in the kaizo style…

Tensions raised and headphones set reasonably high, upon entering level 105 he was met with a blasting sound of Bowser’s flying clown machine before peach falls out. Imagine sitting in the dark, all alone, being teased and tormented by this weird MARIO hack, this thought alone gives me goose bumps.

The game played like normal after that for a while though, apart from not being able to pick up the dragon/Yoshi coins, regular coins were missing, blocks had been already hit, there were no enemies, pipes couldn’t be gone down and even the bullet o bills were missing too…it was like Mario had already been through the game. If we remember back to the intro screen maybe Mario had already been there before? What had he done to Dinosaur land? What had he done to the princess? The gamer was starting to ponder what he had got himself into.

Venturing further into this level the gamer came across a message box, thinking it was just a left over remnant of the original game he hit it, only to be met with the message “Point of advice I hate you”. Naturally the gamer started to think whoever created this monstrosity was a warped and perverted individual, who would make such a game with messages like this? Apart from some unreachable blocks and fire flower, our gamer friend completed the level without any further problems.

Mario creepypasta message box alert

The yellow switch palace was pretty much normal too, except when you were on the world map the rest of Yoshi’s Island was gone! All that was in it’s place was a boo ghost floating around. Not that spooky on it’s own but when you throw in the overall tone of the game it added to the feeling of uneasiness of the game so far.

Now reaching level 104 the colours of the game had changed once more, just a subtle change but enough for you to know you weren’t playing the original Super Mario World. Ignoring the lined up koopa’s that give you a free 1 up, our gamer proceeds to the question mark block that contains the first Yoshi. When he hit the block however he was met with the message “Hooray! Thank you for rescuing me. My Name is Yoshi. On my way to rescue my friends, Mario trapped me in that egg”. At this point the gamer writes, and I quote “The author had me hooked with his sick little game, and like any other idiot, I took the bait and kept coming back for more...”.

creepypasta scary message

Further on from the Yoshi block was another message box in its usual location, hesitant but intrigued our gamer couldn’t help but hit it. This one read “but is there anything I can do to change your mind”. What the hell is going on in this game? Change your mind? About playing the game? About finishing the level? What does this demented game want me to do, the gamer found himself asking. Is it speaking directly to me or is it apart of this hack?

The gamer resites “As I progressed further, I found that I was right, all vegetation was now gone, and nothing was left at all, save a few enemies, like Chucks and moles and such, even the pipes were gone. I came across another message box. Like all other times before, I decided to hit it. I was greeted with yet another cryptic message...”. The message read “Point of advice – This is the selfish way out” Continuing to question himself and why he was playing the game, this message block really creeped out our gamer friend. Combined with the terrible cold in his room he seemed to be delving down a hole of some weird developers rabbit hole.

Stuck in this mad persons nightmare, our trembling gamer continued through empty levels and weird colour palettes, the loving Mario game well gone from where he was. Speeding along to the map the level names jumped around and he ended up in level “Yoshi's Island 7” which was a complete frozen barren wasteland of emptiness and black. Nothing at all was in the uneasy level which just simply contained the goal at the end of a long stretch of running, further tormenting the player.

Finally reaching what is normally named "#1 Iggy's Castle" was changed to "#1 GO BACK". A welcoming name if ever I have heard one. Inside the castle again it was completely empty. There was some weird blueish black lava hanging from the ceiling, there were goal posts largely separated that appeared as pillars and as the gamer continued through the level there were increasing amounts of message blocks, all empty but signed by Yoshi. There was an exception though, one of the message blocks read “Don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble?”. What on earth had Mario done here? Our gamer quotes here “I was feeling more depressed than scared at this point to be honest, and I had no idea what to expect next.”

SMW Mario message box

Entering a door, the gamer thought it was the end of the game. There was a small stretch of platform followed by what looked like a pit. At this point our gamer friend was ready to jump and commit suicide, finally happy to be done with the game. But the developer wasn’t finished toying with him yet…Instead of the autoscrolling level pushing him into the pit he just moved across the invisible floor, further unsettling our friend. Ready for it all to end and allow him to get on with life and start feeling happy again, he was fooled once more with the boss door simply leading to the regular Iggy boss. Given what he had been through this was just weird. Easily defeating Iggy and the usual music sounding and egg rescuing ensured, but the game message was just demented. It read “Victim #1. Eyeballs were unable to be found. The victim was found lying on her carpet. Causes of death unknown, hand marks with unidentifiable fingerprints were found all over the corpse.” This is surely taking a fun game, all be it a hack, way too far, this is just disturbing. The gamer quotes “Who the hell was this victim? Why were her eyeballs gouged out, and just what could have made those unidentifiable fingerprints that were found on her body? Was this Mario's doing? Is this what the author was trying to tell me? And furthermore, was the girl Princess Toadstool?”

SMW Mario creepypasta IGGY defeat message box

Strangely the path to donut plains appeared on the map, it hadn’t been visible previously. Our strong willed gamer took the path and entered what should have been the first level of the new map. Immediately he was met with message boxes telling him “There’s no way out of here” and to “fly away”. These contradicting messages were just another way of toying with our gamer as there was no feather to fly away and only the path ahead that may or may not allow him to leave.

Proceeding along and making a jump our gamer found himself stuck in this weird area with an invisible wall that seemed like a dead end. Then all of a sudden there was the going down the pipe sound and Mario was making the animation of going down a pipe, except there was no pipe there; it was all a bit strange.

Again proceeding further into the depths of hell our friend found a room with concrete blocks for flooring and immediately received a mushroom. This seemed a bit weird but then moving forward he was greeted by many tiny doors that he could now not access because of the mushroom. The developer was one twisted individual. Reaching the dead end the pipe glitch happened again and he started to descend into darkness.

Desperate for an end the gamer landed in a small room with what appeared to be a pit and a wall. Naturally with nowhere else to go he jumped down the pit, only to find there was a solid bottom to it. Trying everything eventually Mario slowly did another pipe transition downwards off the screen. Expecting something else to happen the gamer waited…and waited…pressing buttons, start, select, anything, but nothing worked. Just a black screen. This was the end, Mario had died.

Our gamer friend leaves us with this message:

If you feel daring enough, you too can witness my tale, first-hand.

Remember, guys, it's only a hack, it can't hurt you...

Or can it?

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