Mario Kart Wii Shortcuts

Ever since there was Mario Kart there were shortcuts and Mario Kart Wii is no different! I don't think I'm alone when I say I love this game but man it can get frustrating. Bloody toad, stealing your victory on the line, seemingly flying around the last does he do that? I was drifting with a boost and he still gets by me! What if those days of frustration could be behind you for good? What if you knew some Mario Kart Wii shortcuts?

Ok, maybe I'm promising too much, some Mario kart short cuts won't put an end to the frustration of the game but they can significantly ease the pain. Below we have two fantastic videos made by 13 year old Mario Kart wii enthusiasts that show you a bunch of awesome Mario Kart Wii Shortcuts and places where you can shave valuable milliseconds off your track time. Most of these require a bit of a boost so be sure to save your mushrooms to get the most out of these shortcuts!

Thanks a lot to spookyeaton for taking the time to put together these videos, they feature over about 60 tricks and shortcuts for Mario Kart Wii...Toad will never know what hit him!

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Mario Kart Wii Shortcuts Video Walkthrough

Here are the first 32 Mario Kart Wii Shortcuts

Here is the second video showing a whole bunch more secrets, tricks and shortcuts in Mario Kart Wii

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