Mario's Magic Carpet Part 3

Mario Mayhem presents the Mario Cartoon Mario's Magic Carpet part 3 for you to watch online and enjoy!

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Mario's Magic Carpet Part 3

Mario's Magic Carpet Part 4

  • Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.
  • Cartoon Characters: Mario, King Koopa, Mushroom Mayor, Tryclyde, Sniffet, Ganon, Molblin, Hip, Hop, Princess Peach Toadstool, Shyguy, King Harkinnian, Toad, Mousers, Koopa Troopa, Beezo, Flurry, Mario "Jumpman" Mario, Luigi Mario, Sprite, Genie.
  • Directed By  Dan Riba.
  • Produced By John Grusd. 
  • Animated By Kim Dae Jong (Animation Director).
  • Written By Rowby Goren.
  • Originally Released on November 07, 1989.

Cartoon plot: Princess Toadstool ends up for sale by Sultan Pasbah and King Koopa manages to buy her! Will Mario be able to summon a Genie from a lamp to help out, before the Princess is lost forever?

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