Game Genie Download

Looking to download the Game Genie code book? Here we have a collection of all the various game genie books for each system. From Nes to the Mega Drive/genesis and everything in between we have a all the game genie downloads you need! The game genie book downloads below are the text versions of the instruction manuals that came with each game genie add-on, these books contain information on how to use the game genie and also a collection of cheat codes you can use with the game genie! In other words these code books house the vital information you need to get the game genie to do cool things!

Game Genie Download

Game Genie Code books can disintegrate and get lost over the years so it is our pleasure to present to you these digital copies of the game genie book for you to download! Use these Game Genie Downloads wisely and you can have infinite lives, super powers and even cause whacky glitches in all of your favourite classic games!

If any of these booklets display in an odd way for you try opening them with "word pad" or another text editor.

Game Genie Code Booklet Downloads: - (Right Click and save target As)
NES Game Genie Download
SNES Game Genie Download
Game Boy Game Genie Download - 17 files in 1 zip, numerous updates were released
Sega Game Gear Game Genie Download - 17 files in 1 zip!
Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis Game Genie Download - coming soon hopefully

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