Send in the Clowns

Aired for the first time:September 28, 1991

Send in the Clown Information

    * Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.

    * Cartoon Characters: Mario (Walker Boone), Luigi (Tony Rosato), King Koopa (Harvey Atkin), Princess Toadstool (Tracey Moore), Yoshi (Andrew Sabiston), Big Mouth Koopa (Dan Hennessey), Kootie Pie Koopa (Paulina Gillis)

    * Directed By John Grusd.

    * Produced By John Grusd.

    * Written By Martha Moran.

    * Originally Released on September 28, 1991

    * Originally Aired on NBC

Super Mario World Episode 3: Send In The Clown Overview

The third episode of Super Mario World aired on September 28th 1991. It begins with Mario and Princess Toadstool playing tennis. Yoshi, who supposed to be the ball boy, interferes with their match by eating the fireballs. Mario tells him that he doesn’t supposed to do that. Yoshi thinks the game isn’t fun anymore.

Meanwhile, Kooty Pie and Big Mouth Koopa are putting up flyers around Dome City which lets the cave people know about the new circus in town. King Koopa is then seen in the sky informing the cave people that they can get into the circus for free. He makes a remark regarding his true intentions once he leads the cave people inside the warp pipe.

Mario soon notices that the cave people are missing and sees a flyer about the Koopaling circus. Mario and his friends then take the star path to look for Neon Castle and the cave people. When they arrive, they take a seat and start to enjoy the show. After a while, the clowns of the show start to show their true colors and reveal themselves as Rexes which causes a big stir. During this catastrophe, Mario and his friends get trapped which places them in a bad predicament. They now have to find a way out of this dilemma.

This story was written by Marth Moran. There is some mild comedy and you also get to see enemies and weapons which are in the orginal game such as Koopa Football Players, Thwomps, Koopa Skeletons, Gray Bowser Statues, Mechkoopas, Ball n Chain. In this episode, you get to see Mario use the fire flower and the feather which turns him into Cape Mario.

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