Rock TV

Mario Mayhem presents the Mario Cartoon Rock TV for you to watch online and enjoy!

  • Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.
  • Cartoon Characters: Mario, Luigi, King Koopa, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Hip, Hop Koopa.
  • Directed By John Grusd.
  • Produced By John Grusd.
  • Written By George Shea.
  • Originally Released on November 16, 1991.
  • Originally Aired on NBC-TV (USA)
  • Running Time:30 minutes.

Cartoon plot: Originally Named "The New Super Mario World", the name was changed to "Super Mario World" and was aired in "Captain N and the New Super Mario World". King Koopa introduces Dinosaur Land to television and plants a Magikoopa inside each set to hypnotize the viewers.

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