Mario Tennis

Released: July 21, 2000

Mario Tennis is a video game that was developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color in 2000. In Japan , the Nintendo 64 version is called Mario Tennis 64 .

A sports game in the vein of Mario Golf , Mario Tennis gathers allies and foes of Mario together to play tennis .

Through the use of an N64 Transfer Pak , a player could import his or her characters from the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis to the N64 game. It could also import the player's stats.

This game is notable for the introduction of Waluigi , an antagonist of Luigi that may be related to Wario , the reintroduction of Princess Daisy , and first-ever appearance of Birdo as a controllable character.

Mario Tennis


Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64 features 16 characters including:

  • Mario – All Around
  • Luigi – All Around
  • Princess Peach – Technique
  • Princess Daisy — First appearance in over ten years since Super Mario Land and NES Open Tournament Golf . – Technique
  • Toad – Technique
  • Yoshi – Speed
  • Bowser – Power
  • Baby Mario – Speed
  • Wario – Power
  • Waluigi — First appearance in a Mario game. – Technique
  • Donkey Kong – Power
  • Donkey Kong Junior — secret character – Power
  • Boo – Tricky
  • Birdo – First Mario game playable. – Speed
  • Koopa Paratroopa – Tricky
  • Shy Guy — secret character – Technique

Note: In this game Mario is almost always the referee. The only time when Mario is not the referee is when Mario is actually playing in a game himself. In this case, a blue version of Mario is the referee.

Mario Tennis

Other Information

This game sold well, introducing many new elements to the Mario series, including: the option to play as Waluigi and Daisy; along with a new style of gameplay. It has also been speculated that Birdo was introduced as a female love interest for Yoshi.

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