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Mario Tattoos

During my various internet travels I come across some weird and wonderful things. Here is a collection of die-hard fans expressing their love of Nintendo and Mario via tattoos! If you have a tattoo of Mario/Nintendo, or have an image that isn't shown here, please e-mail me!

We now have a second page! Check out Page 2 of our Mario Tattoos!

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Mario Tattoos To remember that extra life?
Mario Tattoos
A one up tattoo this time on someone's arm Mario Tattoos Yoshi is also immortalized in ink
Mario Tattoos
Even powerups inspired people Mario Tattoos Show the girls you are smoking hot ;P
Mario Tattoos
The famous goomba takes the stage now in skin art Mario Tattoos Why are all the girls with Mario tattoos taken?
Mario Tattoos The left arm of a 3/4 arm piece Mario Tattoos The bottom of the left arm of a 3/4 piece
Mario Tattoos The front of the left arm Mario Tattoos The outside of the 3/4 piece
Mario Tattoos Much cooler than it sounds :P Mario Tattoos Mario chases bowser with a hammer
Mario Tattoos Mario and Bowser on each leg Mario Tattoos Mario lasts forever on this guys leg
Mario Tattoos A mixture of Paper Mario and Super Mario Bros Mario Tattoos A half finished full back Mario themed tattoo
Mario Tattoos Mario in a Tanooki suit tattooed on someones neck
Mario Tattoos A Mario-ish Shrine tattoo Mario Tattoos 1 up and Goomba on someones wrist
Mario Tattoos For those that really love the Nes Mario Tattoos Peach makes it into the ink art world
Mario Tattoos For those that like to ask the big questions Mario Tattoos A Mario star on someone's wrist
Mario Tattoos A Super Mario World themed tattoo Mario Tattoos Another Nes fan
Mario Tattoos Autumn's tattoo, a true Nes fan! Mario Tattoos Autumn's second tattoo
Mario Tattoos Another dedicated gamer Mario Tattoos Autumn's third tattoo
Mario Tattoos Autumn's fourth tattoo Mario Tattoos An awesome mario tattoo on someones arm
Mario Tattoos John is a dedicated Paper Mario Fan. Mario Tattoos A wide view of John's Tattoo
Mario Tattoos This is an awesome version of peach if she was a pin up model. Mario Tattoos John M also has an arm dedicated to Bullet o Bill and Hammer Bros.
Mario Tattoos A black and white version of MixXx K's fire Mario. Mario Tattoos The completed version of his fire Mario tattoo.
Mario Tattoos A picture of Mandashyne's back tattoo, featuring Toad. Mario Tattoos Lady Liberty Holding a NES controller.
Mario Tattoos Another Angle of Lady Liberty holding a NES controller. Mario Tattoos Paper Mario and a Star awesomely tattooed on Amy's back.
Mario Tattoos A Blue Yoshi tattoo on Sarah's left shoulder. Mario Tattoos A large 1 up tattoo on Brann's shoulder
Mario Tattoos You don't see blooper getting to feature in many Tattoos! Mario Tattoos This is the castle them for snes Super Mario bros. I assume from Super Mario World?
Mario Tattoos Dave C's submitted picture of his new star tattoo. Mario Tattoos A tattoo inspired by Super Mario World by the looks
Mario Tattoos lostboyrufio's Paper Bowser tattoo. He was hoping to get the rest of his sleeve done too! Mario Tattoos Jared's amazing Toad tattoo. The colours and shadows in this are fantastic!
Mario Tattoos Kelly really likes this unique powerup! Mario Tattoos Luis has submitted a tattoo he did on his friend Davis
Mario Tattoos A second tattoo done by Luis on his friend Davis Mario Tattoos Kristy claims to be in love with Mario 3!
Mario Tattoos Corey has an amazing Mario Sleeve! Mario Tattoos Corey has an amazing Mario Sleeve!
Mario Tattoos Corey has an amazing Mario Sleeve! Mario Tattoos Corey has an amazing Mario Sleeve!
Mario Tattoos Holly has a cool tattoo, It's not Love and Hate, It's Game Over! Mario Tattoos Jerzey has sent us in their un-coloured Yoshi and Birdo tattoo!
Mario Tattoos Pod's freshly inked Bob-omb tattoo! Mario Tattoos This dedicated Mario fan has stars starting from his wrist and ending at his shoulder. The artist is Tim Palmer in Marshall, MN.
Mario Tattoos A dedicated Dr Mario fan shows their appreciation with style Mario Tattoos Mario shows his gangsta side in this awesome tattoo
Mario Tattoos This is an awesome tattoo! Pixel art Mushrooms for the win. Mario Tattoos These 2 awesome tattoos are complimented nicely by 2 plush toys!
Mario Tattoos Mel has sent in a photo of her cool Mario and Yoshi tattoo on her her foot! Mario Tattoos A close up picture of the Mario and Yoshi on tattoo on Mel's foot.
Mario Tattoos Rob has taken a piranha plant attitude to Mario! Mario Tattoos Jöns from Sweden has sent us in his nes tribute!
Mario Tattoos Pier-luc has sent in several pictures of his awesome leg tattoo! Mario Tattoos This is one awesome Mario scene.
Mario Tattoos Another angle. Mario Tattoos Complete with racoon Mario!
Mario Tattoos Judi shows her love of Mario by adding a Mario star to her collection. Mario Tattoos It seems that Mario Stars are a rather popular tattoo idea!
Mario Tattoos The most mighty of the Koopa Troopers? Shaun Pays tribute to the red shelled Para Trooper. Mario Tattoos Panda has sent in a few pictures of her awesome half sleeve.
Mario Tattoos The tattoo contains 1up mushroom, red mushroom, piranha plant... Mario Tattoos ...Blooper, poisonous mushroom, goomba, shy guy, nintendo logo & 4 mario stars.
Mario Tattoos Jason has sent in his Super Mario World tattoo. Artwork by James Vendetta of The Vendetta Studio in Lakeland, FL. Mario Tattoos Thanks to Heather for sending in her awesome little Goomba Tattoo!
Mario Tattoos Sascha has sent us in a series of fantastic pictures of his awesome Left Leg tattoo Mario Tattoos Here we can see Mario and Luigi before they have been coloured in!
Mario Tattoos And finally the awesome final picture! Beautiful colours and shading in this piece. Mario Tattoos Jesus Estrada has sent in 9 pictures of his nearly complete Mario Leg tattoo.
Mario Tattoos An Earlier version of the tatt, still missing some colour. Mario Tattoos This awesome piece incorporates so much Mario goodness.
Mario Tattoos Our favourite underwater enemies feature... Mario Tattoos ...In this half water, half overworld leg tattoo.
Mario Tattoos Don't Worry, Bowser makes an appearance too! Mario Tattoos Yoshi, Bullet Bill and even a Boo - too!
Mario Tattoos It wouldn't be a proper dedication with out the man himself! Mario Tattoos Peach, Luigi and a few other mushroom kingdom friends make an appearance as well.
Mario Tattoos Thanks to Joel for this SMB3 dedication. Mario Tattoos There are two sides to the Tanooki coin after all!
Mario Tattoos Thanks to Heather Maranda who is the artist of this awesome piece Mario Tattoos Corey is the lucky recpient of this amazing Mario Sleeve
Mario Tattoos This tattoo has an almost pastel like feel to it... Mario Tattoos And an amazing amount of colour detail and depth.
Mario Tattoos The Mario sleeve isn't complete without Mario! Mario Tattoos Andrew has sent us in the progress of his Super Mario Bros 3 leg sleeve
Mario Tattoos The tattoo features all of our favourite characters from the game, such as toad... Mario Tattoos ...The Princess is back and she is looking better than ever.
Mario Tattoos Good old Mario is even the first one to be coloured in! Mario Tattoos Craig is clearly a die hard Nintendo and Mario Fan!
Mario Tattoos Mario with an eye patch, skull and cross bones style! Mario Tattoos Poison Mushoom.
Mario Tattoos Fire flower goodness! Mario Tattoos Zelda gets a mention also!
Mario Tattoos Complete with snes controller and mushroom. Mario Tattoos Luke has sent in his amazing Paper Mario Tattoo on his wrist!
Mario Tattoos Lukes awesome Paper Mario tattoo was done at "Body Images" in Portsmouth, UK. Mario Tattoos First Joel submits his awesome Tanooki Mario Tattoos and now this!
Mario Tattoos Heather Maranda has come up with the goods again sending us the leg sleeve plus Luigi! Mario Tattoos Michelle has sent us in a picture of her 1up tattoo on her ankle.
Mario Tattoos Did I mention Mario Mayhem also likes Zelda? Nic is a dedicated Zelda fan! Mario Tattoos Heather Maranda's amazing sleeve has just got a touch better...
Mario Tattoos ...with the new addition of boolossus, koopa and dry bones! This is such an amazing tattoo. Mario Tattoos Joe has sent in the beginnings of his SMB3 tribute!
Mario Tattoos Joe's updated tattoo! This time including the Princess and her distressed cries. Mario Tattoos Craig has sent in his cool Bender/Mario tattoo! Something for the futurama fans!
Mario Tattoos Lindsay B has shared her awesome tribute to duck hunt with us! Mario Tattoos Jon has sent in a number of pictures of his fantastic SMB 3 sleeve!
Mario Tattoos This tattoo has some really amazing rich colours in it. Mario Tattoos I particularly enjoy Wriggler in this shot, even if he isn't an SMB3 being!
Mario Tattoos This nintendo tribute includes something for everyone! I love Kirby trying to eat bombomb! Mario Tattoos Chris has sent in his traditional NES Mario tattoo on his shin.
Mario Tattoos Everyone loves Tanooki Mario, go go SMB3! Mario Tattoos Anna has sent in her awesome 1 up and Mario Star tattoo picture.
Mario Tattoos All true SNES fans have tattoos behind their ears! Mario Tattoos Sequoyah has sent her beautiful tribute to Super Mario Bros 3 on her foot
Mario Tattoos Stephanie's foot is totally invincible! Mario Tattoos Justin has sent in some of the progress on his SMB3 sleeve.
Mario Tattoos Amy has two awesome Luma's on the back of her legs! Mario Tattoos Charlie has come back with his simply amazing complete Nintendo Tattoo
Mario Tattoos Simon has an awesome Mario star surrounded by smaller stars! Mario Tattoos Carolina has sent in her take on the Mario Star Tattoo too!
Mario Tattoos Louis has sent in his cool Luigi tattoo on his arm. Mario Tattoos KillaSkill has sent in an awesome tattoo idea! This mini Mario is on KillaSkill's right index knuckle.
Mario Tattoos Stevie has sent in a picture of his cool Mushrooms and stars tattoo. Mario Tattoos Vanessa has shown real Mario dedication and has a mushroom tattooed on her ribs!
Mario Tattoos KillaSkill has sent in a larger version of his Mario knuckle tattoo, this picture reveals a Zelda Triforce tattoo! Mario Tattoos Keenan has just got a Boo tattoed on his left forearm / shoulder!
Mario Tattoos Mat has sent in this really cool Goomba tattoo that spans across both his feet! Mario Tattoos Jessica has sent us a picture of her awesome winking 1 up tattoo!
Mario Tattoos Chris is clearly a truely dedicated Mario fan. Nothing says "I like Mario" like having Mario tattooed on your chest. Mario Tattoos Mykie has an awesome 3D Yoshi tattoo on his leg complete with NES controller!
Mario Tattoos Airica Sent us in a few awesome photos of her Awesome tattoos! Mario Tattoos Paul Gaitan us this cool tattoo picture featuring Mario from SMB 3!
Mario Tattoos Cooney has sent in a picture of a very fresh Yoshi tattoo! Mario Tattoos Branden has sent us in his brand new SMB2 turnip rocket tattoo!
Mario Tattoos Martin has an amazing tattoo of Koopa Jr on his shoulder! Mario Tattoos Not only an awesome tattoo but a nice artistic shot too!
Mario Tattoos Kerry's self designed Mario Star with a MM backdrop, awesome! Mario Tattoos Would you want to mess with a guy that has a bullet tattooed on his arm?
Mario Tattoos Complete with ball gag, Scott has sent in his unconventional Yoshi tattoo! Mario Tattoos Dennis has sent in 2 pictures of his awesome mushroom tattoos!
Mario Tattoos Eli has sent in his awesome Tanooki tattoo! A fine first tattoo indeed! Mario Tattoos Evan got this awesome Mario tattoo done by Justin Boyle at Insight Studios in Chicago
Mario Tattoos Julian sent in a few pictures of his amazing SMW leg tattoo! Mario Tattoos Paul must be a big SMB3 fan with this mario frog tattoo on his leg!
Mario Tattoos Blue shell, bowser and Mario all in the same sleeve! You know it's good! Mario Tattoos Kraig has sent us in a picture of his incomplete Mario sleeve!
Mario Tattoos Matt has tattooed a 1 up and regular mushroom on each of his wrists! Mario Tattoos Noel is a big Mario fan and has sent us in his awesome sleeve!
Mario Tattoos Awesome tattoo done by Jon Fowler at Hearts Desire Tattoo Studio in Bowling Green, Ky. Mario Tattoos Toad and Toadette in tattoo form! Thanks to Jaquelyn for sending this pic in!
Mario Tattoos This is a great Mario Sleeve! This is cool as but I hope Austin gets this colored in at some point! Mario Tattoos Noel has sent us in his completed Mario Sleeve!
Mario Tattoos I love the rich colours in Linda's Mario Land 3D Mario tattoo! Mario Tattoos This has to be one of the coolest Goomba tattoos I have come across!
Mario Tattoos Taking us back to the days of Lost Levels Scott has a cool mushroom tatt on his chest. Mario Tattoos Ready to blast off? Nathaniel is with his Bomb-omb tattoo!

We now have a second page! Check out Page 2 of our Mario Tattoos!

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