Mario Image Parodies

You can’t go wrong with funny Mario images, and you have come to the right place for them! Here at Mario Mayhem we have an ever growing collection of funny (and sometimes a bit rude) Mario image parodies for your enjoyment! These images will let you see a different side of the mushroom kingdom; it seems not everything always runs smoothly in the land of Mario as these funny Mario pictures and animations demonstrate.

If you have a funny Mario image that isn’t shown here, please e-mail me and I’ll add it to the site!

Castle Thumb
But Mario isn't impressed!
Ani Mario
Mario never knew what hit him
Maybe shyguys aren't that shy after all? Mario Rides Mario Ride anyone?
Look out, it's a Yoshi thief Pwned Ostro from SMB2 get's his revenge
Juggalo Bros
It's a Super Juggalo Bro! Giant Goomba When a goomba steals the mushroom
Broken Flag They don't make flags like they used too. Bowser Bullets makes Mario Parodies too
Mario Mayhem A fantastic animation with Kirby in the place of Mario Mario Mayhem Mario obviosuly took the wrong pipe... or... did he really?
Mario Mayhem Mario jumps on a super springboard and lands out of the TV! Mario Mayhem A scene from Batman has been edited to make it more SMB2-ish
Mario Mayhem I guess this is what happens when Mario doesn't find the princess :( Bush Bowser Maybe this is where George gets his ideas?
Funny Mario images This fan animation suggests Mario may be a terrorist. Funny Mario images Looks like Mario took the wrong pipe again!
Funny Mario images Shayne has submitted a picture of Mario taking the wrong pipe again Mario Koopa parody Yusuf has created this little parody/comic about Mario finding a koopa shell!

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