Mario Party 64 Game Maps

Mario Party 64 maps

The original in the Mario Party series, enjoy some Mario Party 64 game maps! You have to love the Nintendo 64 graphics and these beautiful rips by PirahnaPlant really capture the warmth and fun loving nature of the game. Enjoy these sky views of Mario Party 64 game maps and reminisce about those frustrating star positions and ill timed dice rolls.

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DK's Jungle Adventure DK's Jungle Adventure 1856 x 1620 3.30 MB
Peach's Birthday Cake Peach's Birthday Cake 1856 x 1660 2.83 MB
Yoshi's Tropical Island Yoshi's Tropical Island 1856 x 1660 2.31 MB
Wario's Battle Canyon Wario's Battle Canyon 1856 x 1660 2.06 MB

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