Super Paper Mario review

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The newest Mario game released for the Wii, Super Paper Mario, will not leave fans of the series disappointed. This game uses a new and innovative style of game play, allowing the gamer to "flip" between dimensions. While still partially an RPG, (You can level up to gain health and attack to make the game relatively easier), the game has also turned toward a more platformer-based format, as you must venture through levels to complete them, (it is very similar to older Mario games in the series, but with new twists and better graphics).   

Not only does this game enable you to go on a great adventure, but also offers a wonderful story line. Wishing not to give away the whole plot, I will say that Peach and Bowser MARRY! (which consequentially triggers events that could end the world!)   

In summary, this game brings wonderful new elements to the Mario series, (and also lets the gamer play as other characters than Mario, each with a special ability of their own). Although perhaps a little biased judgment, (I greatly enjoy playing all of the games in the Paper Mario series), I would give this game a 9.5 out of 10, it had a great lay out and offered great game play, but being a "hard-core" gamer, I beat it very quickly. In conclusion, this game is great for anyone to pick up, but may be a little too easy to beat.

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