Super Mario World review

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Super Mario World was the first Mario game to be made in the 16-bit era, (SENS), and was perhaps the best Mario game ever created. It was a giant leap and a bound past the graphics of the former Mario games, and added new dimension to old game play.

Mario Mayhem

Super Mario World's best features would probably be the addition of the new character, Yoshi, and because the player could discover many secret levels. Like Super Mario Brothers 3 before it, Mario is located on a map, and the player chooses which level to go to by moving him. (A new feature added to this was that you could now replay levels on each map.) Interestingly, this game removes most of the costumes available in Super Mario Bros. 3, giving only the options of finding mushrooms, fire flowers, or feathers, (which enables you to fly).

While finding some secret levels was fun, some were just to challenging to find, which drew away some of the fun in the game, (for me personally, but a lot of people may enjoy the challenge of finding every level [96 in all]). Simply because of some slight difficulties and frustrations, I would give this game a 7 out of 10.

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