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Mario Mayhem

Firstly, Happy New Year! A month too late, but it's the thought that counts. Mario Mayhem also celebrated it's 11th birthday last December, so get your party hats out.

You might have noticed a lack of updates recently. This is because I have been working on a brand new Mayhem site! I'm proud to introduce Super Mayhem to the family. This new site let's your purchase all of your favorite Video Game Accessories, Toys, Apparel and even video game consoles. Pretty neat right? So what are you waiting for! Jump over to Super Mayhem and grab a bargain now!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On February 8th 2017

Stuck on the pipe jump on world 2-2? No worries! These Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels maps for the SNES will be sure to help you out!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On November 28th 2017

The Mario Cross Stitch and Knitting patterns page has been updated! Be sure to take a look if you love pixel art or if you just want to get a bit crafty!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On November 10th 2017

Many thanks to Brodie for submitting this incredible Super Mario Odyssey Pumpkin Stencil Just in time for Halloween!

Don't forget that we have a massive Live stream this Sunday October 29th around 2-3pm Victoria Australia time. If you are in America this will probably be Saturday the 28th evening time for you! Join me, Slapped Ham and my Brother on youtube as we play Super Mario World and have some drinks and laughs!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On October 27th 2017

Anabel has submitted this fantastic article on the history of Mario and Nintendo! Be sure to check it out!

We have also joined the world of Instagram! Be sure to follow realmariomayhem for more Mario and video game mayhem!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On October 9th 2017

It's been a long time between updates! Lots has been going on behind the scenes though. Server upgrades, fixed broken links, consolodated pages and much more. MM Isn't dead!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook, keep in touch on Youtube and all that good stuff for more updates!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On May 19th 2017

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of tower defending? It's even better when it's Mario themed! Check out this new Mario and Friends tower defense flash game!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On December 7th 2015

Ever seen Mario drive a tractor? Now is your chance in this newly added flash game Mario Farm Delivery!

Super Mario Bros.Comment added On November 17th 2015

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