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Princess Daisy or simply Daisy, is a Nintendo character in the Mario video games series. She is the princess of the fictitious Kingdom of Sarasaland who first appeared in Super Mario Land for the Game Boy, in which she is kidnapped by the alien Tatanga. Since then, she has appeared in several Mario-based sports and Mario Party games.



Video games

Daisy debuted in Super Mario Land, a game that marked Mario's first appearance on a handheld. It is in this game that she is introduced as the princess of Sarasaland, a neighboring nation of the Mushroom Kingdom. One day, she was kidnapped by a despotic alien named Tatanga who wished to marry her and rule over Sarasaland as king. Mario inevitably rescued her from him. At the end of the game, Mario and Daisy appeared to have a romantic interest in each other, but this was not explored in future games, possibly because people confused Daisy for the same princess Mario rescued in previous games. After her debut on the Game Boy, Daisy did not appear in another Mario game for over ten years, but was eventually brought back for the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis, in which it is revealed that she and Princess Peach are separate characters.

Although she has not appeared in a canonical story game since Super Mario Land , she is now a standard character in the Mario sports and Mario Party games, and has since become a staple character in the Mario franchise. She is most of the time associated to Princess Peach or Luigi. As a matter of fact, many hints have been given in various games on a possible relationship between Daisy and Luigi, although no official statement has ever been made. She also has a relation to Toadette as seen in Mario Party 6. When they were paired up together in Party Mode, their team name was "Shopping Buddies". Some fans say that just by looking at them, they look like good friends. Unfortunately, Toadette and Daisy were not "buddy" characters in the game Mario Superstar Baseball. Nor was Daisy buddies with Mario. Some fans say she should have since Mario saved her in her first appearance in the Mario series and are undoubtably good friends.

She made her debut in the Mario Kart series with Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as a partner to Princess Peach. She also has her own course called "Daisy Cruiser," which is a giant (presumably her own) cruise ship drifting in the ocean. She has also appeared in the recent Mario Kart DS as an unlockable player. Daisy is a light-weight character that has good acceleration and top speed, great drifting and item using, but low handling. Daisy made her second DS debut with Mario Hoops 3-on-3. In Mario Hoops, Daisy's special is the "Flower Shot". She once again has her own court, and it is called "Daisy Garden"; where Petey Piranhas replace normal basketball hoops.



Daisy's first voice actor was Kate Fleming who played her voice in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. In this game she sounded more like an elegant girl then a tomboy. Her next voice actor was Jen Taylor who provided her voice in Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4. She sounded rather young and childish in these games. From every game forward Daisy has been and is currently voiced by Deanna Mustard. This voice is high pitched but less high pitched than Princess Peach's voice and gives Daisy more of a personality than her past voices have.


Daisy is very witty and energetic. She is quite strong and has moderate speed. She is described as a "Technical" character in the sports games. Daisy is practically the only one in the Mario series who uses slang or "today language". She obviously adapted to the life in the Mushroom Kingdom. She has gained excellence in the sports that is unknown if she played before in Sarasara Land. With a name like Daisy, she is usually associated with flowers or daisies. Her special powers are based on flowers and daisies, but are arguably powerful, helpful, and an excellent move to use. A lot of Mario fans think Daisy is very pretty (mostly the males) and she is an excellent character in the Mario series. She's also one of the most famous characters.



In her first appearance, Daisy had pale skin, long orange hair, and a white pattern on her dress. In later games, such as Mario Tennis and Mario Party 3, her appearance was refined, giving her a rounder face, a slightly darker skintone, her hair color had more of an auburn color, and a daisy-motif for her accessories, with flower jewels appearing on her crown, earrings, and brooch. The daisy-motif has stuck ever since, though it should be noted that the daisy-motif was readily apparent in her concept art for Super Mario Land .

In Mario Party 4, Daisy's character design was altered yet again, giving her shorter hair, a new dress design, and once again a paler skin tone. Nowadays, Daisy no longer has a pale skin complexion, instead it is now more of a pink tone. Daisy and Peach also have consistently different gloves; while Peach's gloves end at around mid-triceps, Daisy's gloves end at the wrists. Daisy appears to be equal in height to Peach, though she may appear shorter in some games. In her early game depictions, Daisy wore a red crown, and during some of the Nintendo 64 games she wore a pink crown. Nowadays she wears a gold one.

In most of her game appearances, Daisy has consistently worn a yellow and/or orange color scheme, usually in the form of a collared dress, with white and orange accents, meant to parallel that of Peach's pink-themed fashion just as Luigi's outfit does to Mario's.

In Mario sports titles, Daisy (and Peach) are the only two characters to always wear different outfits from their regular ones. She is usually depicted in orange shorts with a yellow shirt and daisy accessories. In Super Mario Strikers, Daisy wears a two-piece outfit. In Mario Hoops 3 on 3, Daisy normally appears in her usual sports outfit but has a second unlockable costume.

Super Mario Bros. Film


"Princess Daisy" is one of the main characters in the ill-fated Super Mario Bros. . Though her character is clearly modeled on Peach (she is the daughter of the King of the Mushroom Kingdom and only heir to the throne), she is nevertheless given the name "Daisy," a choice which would procede to confuse the matter of Princess Toadstool's own name. The movie also makes its Daisy a love interest for Luigi.

In the film, Daisy was portrayed by Samantha Mathis . Here, she has a piece of the meteorite that banished the dinosaurs to another dimension, and which King Koopa needs in order to conquer the humans' dimension. After Luigi becomes infatuated with her, Daisy is kidnapped by King Koopa's cousins, Iggy and Spike, and taken to Dinohattan. There, she learns that her father, the true king of Dinohattan, was turned into a fungus after being put in Koopa's de-evolutionary machine. Eventually, after the Mario Bros. defeat Koopa, Daisy stays behind in Dinohattan to help her now-restored father. The movie ends with Daisy showing up at Mario and Luigi's apartment to alert them that there is another problem going on, apparently setting up an eventual sequel; which never came.


  • Super Mario Land (GB) - 1989 NPC
  • NES Open Tournament Golf (NES) - 1991 NPC
  • Mario is Missing (NES)(SNES) - 1993 NPC
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC) -2001 NPC Trophy

Playable appearances

  • Mario Tennis (N64) - 2000
  • Mario Party 3 (N64) - 2001
  • Mario Party 4 (GC) - 2002
  • Mario Party-e (e-Reader) - 2003
  • Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (GC) - 2003
  • Mario Party 5 (GC) - 2003
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GC) - 2003
  • Mario Power Tennis (GC) - 2004
  • Mario Party 6 (GC) - 2004
  • Mario Superstar Baseball (GC) - 2005
  • Mario Party 7 (GC) - 2005
  • Mario Kart DS (DS) - 2005
  • Super Mario Strikers (GC) - 2005
  • Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (DS) - 2006
  • Mario Party 8 (Wii) - 2007
  • Itadaki Street DS (DS)-2007

Other appearances

  • Daisy also appeared in the Game Boy comic books, where, as in Super Mario Land , she was the unwilling prisoner of Tatanga, hoping that Mario would eventually rescue her.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the player can change Peach's color template to that of Daisy's N64 appearance, giving Peach a yellow dress, brown hair, a flower-shaped brooch and earrings, blue shoes, a pink crown, and tan skin. Daisy's gloves also replace Peach's gloves. She also has her own trophy. Peach's All-Star Mode Trophy has the same appearance as Daisy.

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