Super Mario Bros 6. Rom Download

Ok, right away something doesn’t seem right. Mario isn’t a Rabbit, is he?

So this game is actually pretty cool mainly because it is a direct hack of Tiny Toon Adventures. That’s right, back in 1992 someone saw this piece of art and said hey, you know what, lets slap a pink Mario on that and call in Mario Bros 6, no one will notice! Well I did ok, I did. What the hell is this? And this?

No Patches, no addons, just download the game and enjoy in your emulator of choice!

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SMB 6 Rom Direct Download

Simply right click the link below and select "Save as" or similar to save to your computer and play on your NES emulator!

Download SMB6 Tiny Toon Adventures
Super Mario Bros 6 screen shot
Super Mario Bros 6 Game Cartridge

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