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Hello friends it’s Tim here from Super Mayhem, awooo, and today you are in for a short treat. Whilst this article/video may not be very long, the contents of it may have you enthralled for hours on end, especially if you are Nintendo 64 fan like me!

Have you ever wanted to mow down a Koopa Troopa with a KF7 Soviet? Or maybe the D5K Deutsche is more your style when it comes to Koopa Killing? Well here is your chance! If this sounds like your cup of tea then smash a big fat like on this video because things only get better!

Super Mario Bros Goldeneye 007

For those of you that don't know there is actually a hack that combines the amazing Goldeneye 64 with the incredible Mario 64! This amazing fan made hack combines characters and dialogue from Super Mario 64 with the classic Goldeneye 64! Even the Janus guards are replaced by sun glass-wearing Koopa Troopas in this very fun fan skinned game! Gun down as many turtles as you like, it's not like it's limited especially since King Bowser only makes an appearance as Arkady Ourumov to stop you! And it’s not like that guy ever does any real damage, right? I don’t know I can’t remember the movie right now.

As a bonus even all of the levels are unlocked in this rom which means you can jump straight into your favourite level without having to tediously zap the train escape hatch with your watch! Surely I'm not the only one that got seriously stuck with that watch lazer and the train floor? I swear it took me 10 goes at it and then I eventually skipped to the next level. Maybe I was more patient in my youth when it came to the Nintendo 64 controls as I definitely passed this stage as a kid! I swear!

Goldeneye 007 box art big mouth can't unsee

This fantastic hack was created by someone by the name of "StupidMarioBros1Fan" (an inaccurate name if I ever heard one) even features "Super Mario Glitchy 4" for some reason, who appears in the winter level and he is seriously hard to beat!

Let's not forget the main villain, Alec Trevelyan, who is replaced by none other than your brother Luigi! Talk about a plot twist. I guess it kind of makes sense as Alec was a 00 agent himself and I guess kind of a brother to Bond…in a way, but let’s not stretch things too far and just go with it!

Naturally Natalia is replaced by Princess Peach, as with any Mario game you have to rescue that princess right? Or at least escort her places.

Toad even appears in this game as Dr. Doak, who is the double-agent scientist. Typical Toad. The good part about this is you can even kill him if you choose too instead of letting him run away with his tail between his legs.

I think Yoshi even takes the role of Boris, which is pretty hilarious on its own! “I am invincible!”

Apart from the changed Super Mario 64 models and some of the dialogue, this fan made rom seems to be a pretty much exact replica of the original Goldeneye 64 game, but that only makes it cooler in my opinion!

Run and gun your way through classic Goldeneye stages but this time as Super Mario! Somehow this makes things even better even if the Goldeneye game itself hasn't aged that well.

There is even an updated Multiplayer function that I didn’t get to test out, but I do know Princess Daisy, DK and Wario all make appearances in this mode too as they are shown in the intro to the game!

If you want to see more of this fan made game then please be sure to check out my various streams of the rom below! We all had a lot of fun exploring the Goldeneye world that had been infiltrated by Super Mario 64 characters and Mario’s friends!

I’ll also leave a download link to the rom below/in the article for you all to enjoy on your Nintendo 64 Emulators too! Make sure you thank the creator of the remade game "StupidMarioBros1Fan" who I’m sure spent hours upon hours making this masterpiece possible!

Anyway that’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed this quick little video/article, I wanted to share this Mario 64 Goldeneye crossover with as many people as possible! Make sure you whack a like on this bad boy, subscribe if you are new, make a comment below and of course share it with your fellow video game loving friends, I’m sure they will appreciate it! Thanks again and I’ll catch you soon.

My Live Streams of the game:

Goldeneye Super Mario 64 Rom Direct Download

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