Mario Kart 64 Soundtrack

Download the Mario Kart 64 Soundtrack here! This awesome piece of Mario-ness was released March 1st 1997 and was composed by Kenta Nagata! The total runtime of these tracks is around 55mins, that’s a lot of Mario Kart Jamming!

Download the Mario Kart 64 Soundtrack:

Star Power.mp3
Losing Results.mp3
No Trophy For You.mp3
Banshee Boardwalk.mp3
nintendo - mario kart 64 sounds.mp3
Koopa Troopa Beach.mp3
Victory Lap.mp3
Choco Mountain.MP3
Kalimari Desert.MP3
Setup & Kart Select.mp3
Wario Stadium.mp3
Mario Kart 64 Theme.mp3
Trophy Presentations.mp3
Rainbow Road.mp3
Battle Arenas.MP3
Time Trials Results.mp3
DKs Jungle Park.MP3
Frappe Snowland.mp3
Toad's Turnpike .mp3
Winning Results.mp3
Bowser's Castle.mp3
Moo Moo Farm.mp3

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