Yoshi's Safari Maps

Yoshi's Safari Levels

Did you know that this game is known as "Yoshi's road hunting" in Japan? I guess it is a pretty accurate description of this game really!

Released in 1993, Yoshi's Safari was a slightly weird Mario game in that it was 1) a shooting game (technically a "rail shooter") and 2) You could use the "super scope" light gun that was available for the snes.

This might inspire a few of you to go and dust off those old SNES' and scopes...I hope anyway!

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Light World (In-Game Map)
Stage 1: Grass Land
Stage 2: Mushroom Land
Stage 3: Pipe Island
Stage 4: Crescent Coast P1
Stage 4: Crescent Coast P2
Stage 5: Spirit Mountain
Stage 6: Grand Bridge
Stage 7: Float Castle I
Dark World (In-Game Map)
Stage 8: Cornice Cave
Stage 9: Ghost Mansion P1
Stage 9: Ghost Mansion P2
Stage 10: Float Castle II
Stage 11: Dark Sea
Stage 12: Bowser's Castle P1
Stage 12: Bowser's Castle P2

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