Super Mario World Levels

Super Mario World Levels

I have never made it a secret that Super Mario World was one of my all time favourite Mario games so it is with great pleasure that I can present to you this collection of Super Mario World Game Maps!

Ah 1990, it was a simpler time...a time of Yoshi's, Capes and forrest's jam packed with illusions. Have you ever wondered where that pipe went in Donut plains 4? Was their an alternate ending in that ghost house? Now you don't need to wonder! These game maps reveal hidden level secrets, areas and more.

Go and dust off your SNES or fire up your virtual console and get in a round of SMW, our Super Mario World Levels maps should make your quest that much easier!

Many thanks to the hours of work put in by Stefan Mahrla for these amazing maps.

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Yoshi’s IslandYellow Switch Palace1536 x 43214.1 kB
Yoshi’s IslandYoshi’s House726 x 2369.99 kB
Yoshi’s IslandYoshi’s Island 15120 x 70052.1 kB
Yoshi’s IslandYoshi’s Island 25120 x 70057.0 kB
Yoshi’s IslandYoshi’s Island 35376 x 67464.6 kB
Yoshi’s IslandYoshi’s Island 43334 x 68252.9 kB
Yoshi’s Island#1 Iggy’s Castle4100 x 28846.0 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Ghost House3372 x 87761.0 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Plains 16452 x 86284.5 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Plains 23600 x 86262.1 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Plains 35120 x 86262.1 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Plains 45120 x 86463.0 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Secret 13328 x 1712100 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Secret 23840 x 86458.4 kB
Donut PlainsDonut Secret House1578 x 133455.9 kB
Donut PlainsGreen Switch Palace1536 x 43215.0 kB
Donut PlainsTop Secret Area726 x 2399.68 kB
Donut Plains#2 Morton’s Castle1730 x 249281.9 kB
Vanilla DomeRed Switch Palace1536 x 43214.1 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Dome 16912 x 86484.3 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Dome 25120 x 86491.3 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Dome 38192 x 864200 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Dome 45120 x 86466.4 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Fortress4382 x 432123 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Ghost House2816 x 884121 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Secret 11298 x 179275.6 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Secret 25120 x 78255.0 kB
Vanilla DomeVanilla Secret 34622 x 43233.0 kB
Vanilla Dome#3 Lemmy’s Castle3620 x 88293.7 kB
Twin BridgesButter Bridge 13602 x 43234.0 kB
Twin BridgesButter Bridge 25120 x 70241.6 kB
Twin BridgesCheese Bridge Area5632 x 86484.5 kB
Twin BridgesCookie Mountain5376 x 86456.5 kB
Twin BridgesSoda Lake3600 x 43251.8 kB
Twin Bridges#4 Ludwig’s Castle2812 x 2178125 kB
Forest Of IllusionBlue Switch Palace1536 x 43213.9 kB
Forest Of IllusionForest Fortress5924 x 43276.3 kB
Forest Of IllusionForest Ghost House3112 x 88259.5 kB
Forest Of IllusionForest Of Illusion 15600 x 25660.9 kB
Forest Of IllusionForest Of Illusion 23584 x 43255.6 kB
Forest Of IllusionForest Of Illusion 35120 x 68672.2 kB
Forest Of IllusionForest Of Illusion 45120 x 86475.1 kB
Forest Of IllusionForest Secret Area3030 x 43235.0 kB
Forest Of Illusion#5 Roy’s Castle4394 x 43254.1 kB
Chocolate IslandChoco-Ghost House5660 x 43249.7 kB
Chocolate IslandChocolate Fortress6124 x 25661.4 kB
Chocolate IslandChocolate Island 15120 x 86489.7 kB
Chocolate IslandChocolate Island 25729 x 1337183 kB
Chocolate IslandChocolate Island 36144 x 86460.3 kB
Chocolate IslandChocolate Island 43840 x 3504186 kB
Chocolate IslandChocolate Island 54352 x 86263.8 kB
Chocolate IslandChocolate Secret4096 x 3002175 kB
Chocolate Island#6 Wendy’s Castle3072 x 87657.0 kB
Valley Of BowserSunken Ghost Ship2576 x 6656123 kB
Valley Of BowserValley Fortress4106 x 43240.6 kB
Valley Of BowserValley Ghost House2560 x 1320157 kB
Valley Of BowserValley Of Bowser 15136 x 86288.4 kB
Valley Of BowserValley Of Bowser 22560 x 132256.4 kB
Valley Of BowserValley Of Bowser 35120 x 86280.9 kB
Valley Of BowserValley Of Bowser 45376 x 86477.0 kB
Valley Of Bowser#7 Larry’s Castle2826 x 87688.9 kB
Valley Of BowserFront Door & Back Door2048 x 3602355 kB
Star WorldStar World 11024 x 256066.3 kB
Star WorldStar World 23598 x 43238.0 kB
Star WorldStar World 31236 x 43211.8 kB
Star WorldStar World 45120 x 43239.2 kB
Star WorldStar World 54352 x 43226.5 kB
Special WorldGnarly2314 x 128047.2 kB
Special WorldTubular2816 x 43231.0 kB
Special WorldWay Cool5120 x 86454.2 kB
Special WorldAwesome5120 x 43244.8 kB
Special WorldGroovy5120 x 43242.1 kB
Special WorldMondo4622 x 86444.8 kB
Special WorldOutrageous5586 x 25052.3 kB
Special WorldFunky8192 x 43245.2 kB

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