Super Mario All stars Super Mario Bros 2 Game Maps

Mario Bros 2 SNES maps

How weird is SMB2 as a Mario game? It certainly is a different style of game when compared to the rest of the Super Mario games! Did you know this is because it wasn't originally a Mario game? It's original name was actually "Doki Doki panic" and was re-skinned and released everywhere but Japan as Super Mario Bros 2!

This is just about a direct port from the NES system just with re-styled items, backgrounds and characters. I love the Super Mario all stars graphics and these SMB2 game maps certainly don't disappoint in the SMAS nostalgia section.

Here is a full list of backgrounds and game maps for Super Mario Bros 2 from Super Mario All stars on the snes!

World 1 Area 1
World 1 Area 2
World 1 Area 3
World 2 Area 1
World 2 Area 2
World 2 Area 3
World 3 Area 1
World 3 Area 2
World 3 Area 3
World 4 Area 1
World 4 Area 2
World 4 Area 3
World 5 Area 1
World 5 Area 2
World 5 Area 3
World 6 Area 1
World 6 Area 2
World 6 Area 3
World 7 Area 1
World 7 Area 2

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