Mario Kart 64 Game Maps

Mario Kart 64 game maps

Blast backwards in time with these awesome Mario Kart 64 game maps!

I guess a more accurate description might actually be "Mario Kart 64 Course maps" as these images are nice overviews of the classic courses!

These game maps even include some details you might have missed such as boxes that appear on certain laps and what they contain!

So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and enjoy the Mario Kart 64 show!

Mushroom Cup Luigi Raceway 1500 x 36002.09 MB
Mushroom CupMoo Moo Farm 2025 x 33753.69 MB
Mushroom CupKoopa Troopa Beach 3000 x 45002.78 MB
Mushroom CupKalimari Desert 2400 x 36004.40 MB
Flower CupToad's Turnpike 4400 x 3300805 kB
Flower CupFrappe Snowland 2400 x 26501.38 MB
Flower CupChoco Mountain 2000 x 17501.19 MB
Flower CupMario Raceway 2400 x 24003.41 MB
Star CupWario Stadium 3000 x 37504.19 MB
Star CupSherbet Land 2850 x 32001.05 MB
Star CupRoyal Raceway 4800 x 36004.04 MB
Star CupBowser's Castle 2300 x 27502.18 MB
Special CupDK's Jungle Parkway 3400 x 30001.99 MB
Special CupYoshi Valley 3400 x 30004.58 MB
Special CupBanshee Boardwalk 2560 x 27202.58 MB
Special CupRainbow Road 4400 x 7300935 kB
Battle ModeBig Donut 800 x 800712 kB
Battle ModeBlock Fort 1024 x 800768 kB
Battle ModeDouble Deck 1856 x 800840 kB
Battle ModeSkyscraper 800 x 800723 kB

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