The Wheel Thing

Aired for the first time: September 21, 1991

The Wheel Thing Information

    * Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.

    * Cartoon Characters: Mario (Walker Boone), Luigi (Tony Rosato), King Koopa (Harvey Atkin), Princess Toadstool (Tracey Moore), Yoshi (Andrew Sabiston), Kooky Von Koopa (Michael Stark).

    * Directed By John Grusd.

    * Produced By John Grusd.

    * Written By Jack Hanrahan and Eleanor Burian-Mohr.

    * Originally Released on September 21, 1991

    * Originally Aired on NBC

The second episode of Super Mario World, known as “The Wheel Thing” aired in the US on NBC September 21, 1991. Some characters of the series make their first appearance in this episode. They include Kooky Von Koopa and King Bowser Koopa.

In the beginning of episode two, the cave people of Dome City are working really hard moving rocks and boulders. Mario takes notice of this and wants to do something to make it easier on them. He comes up with an idea and starts to put it into action with the help of Luigi, however, they did not know that Kooky was spying on them.

Mario shows the cave people his idea which was wheels. The cave people do not understand what they are supposed to do with them and after a while, Mario comes up with a better idea. Mario, with the help of Yoshi and his friends, creates cars that are powered by Goombas and gives them to the cave people. Princess Toadstool thinks that the cave people aren’t ready for this new invention and this is soon proven true when traffic jams and accidents start to occur among the cave people.

Meanwhile, back at Neon Castle, Kooky is putting together his new invention which he thought of after seeing what Mario and Luigi were doing earlier. After a while, things get out of hand in Dome City and the cavemen get upset and blame Mario and Luigi. They banish them to Lava City. Little do they know that they will be needing the help of Mario and his friends to save them from Kooky’s invention called Mega Mechanasaur.

The story was written by Jack Hanrahan and Eleanor Burian-Mohr. In this episode, you get to see Mario use the cape, one of his special powers, to escape from trouble.

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