The night before cave Christmas

Aired for the first time: Oct 12 , 1991

The Night Before Cave Christmas Information

    * Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.

    * Cartoon Characters:  Mario (Walker Boone), Luigi (Tony Rosato), Princess Toadstool (Tracey Moore), Yoshi (Andrew Sabiston), King Koopa (Harvey Atkin), Oogtar the Caveboy (John Stocker), Bully Koopa (Gordon Masten)

    * Directed By John Grusd.

    * Produced By John Grusd.

    * Written By Phil Harnage.

    * Originally Released on October 12, 1991

    * Originally Aired on NBC

Super Mario World Episode 5: The Night Before Cave Christmas Overview

The fifth episode of Super Mario World, which was a Christmas special, aired on October 12th 1991. The episode starts off with Yoshi and Oogtar fighting over a big piece of barbecue ribs. Mario states that Oogtar is always getting into it with Yoshi. Mario and the others also notice that Yoshi and Oogtar aren’t the only ones. The cave people are starting to fight amongst themselves, mostly due to Oogtars influence.

Although it is in the middle of August, Mario comes up with the idea to have a Christmas day called “Cave Christmas”. He explains to Yoshi and Oogtar that it is a day when everyone is nice and that Santa Clause gives presents to the kids that are good. King Koopa is overhearing this.

Mario and the others are getting everything ready for Cave Christmas which is the next day. King Koopa has brought along Bully Koopa to see what Mario and his friends are up to with this “Cave Christmas”. King Koopa comes up with a plan to take the toys and give them to his Koopalings.

Eventually, King Koopa sneaks his way into the factory and grabs the bag of toys. Little did he know that Oogtar was inside. Oogtar, being a bad cave boy, was trying to get some toys for himself. Mario and the others soon return and discover the toys are missing. Princess Toadstool quickly realizes who was behind it and tells Mario that King Koopa is responsible. Mario and Yoshi head towards Neon Castle to get the toys back so that they can enjoy Cave Christmas. Little do they know, they also have to save Oogtar.

The story was written by Phil Harnage. This episode aired as the fourth episode of Super Mario World in Australia and the UK due to a mishap in production order. This is the only episode of the Super Mario World series to be released on VHS.

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