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Hello friends it’s Tim here from Super Mayhem, awooo, and boy howdy do we have some fun video game hacking action for you today!

In today’s Game Genie Hijinx series we will be taking a look at the 1992 classic racing game, Super Mario Kart for the SNES! And lucky for us there is an absolute plethora of game genie codes for this bad boy! So many so that finding the best ones that work was quite a task in and of itself!

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Easing into this collection, the awesome cheat code B238-CDA4 makes it so when you use a mushroom or run over a turbo Arrow you can fly! I only got 1 mushroom in my quick testing of this code but I can see how this is awesome fun! Basically you become invisible and can move over any area of the track you want, aka flying. It’s a neat cheat for sure! I had to try using the boost at the start, and even with being a bit rusty I got it going and yes you can fly from the start! This makes doing laps a whole lot easier and I’m pretty sure I’m an official speed runner now. Interestingly you still appear on the bottom map screen, look at this Koopa Troopa go!

We now cross live to reporter Schmurr Mcgurr for the goss on the ground.

Oh mein Gott it is Schmur Mcgurr here course side, we have Koopa Troopas flying around like UFO’s, I have no idea what is going on! Did they eat some extra special apfel strudel or something? It’s total pandemonium here I don’t know what’s going on, I am scared for my life, please save me, Back to you my darling!

Thanks Mr. Mcgurr for that report. Now onto the next code!

2CEB-CDA4 is a really strange cheat! For a start when the race begins all racers jump and then the CPU’s just motor away! I mean they are going 150cc in a game where the max speed is 100cc! Interestingly you can’t pick up coins or items either, but it seems like you can race on just about any surface you want like normal, meaning you can cut corners no problems as long as there are no obstacles in your way. When I tested this on 100cc and Mushroom cup, some of the racers got stuck in the walls which was what the code had promised, so it kind of worked out! Still, this is a strange game genie code for sure!

Now we here at the Mayhem do enjoy a drink, but not in combination with driving! Having said that the code C4EB-CDA4 is aptly named “Drunk Drivers”! This is quite amusing actually as it makes the CPU characters drive really slow and all over the place. These buggers will head out into the ocean like there is no tomorrow! You still can’t pick up items or anything, but you don’t really need them when your fellow racers are smashing that winning champagne before they race!

4DEB-CDA4 is a similar code to the first one we covered. This time however you are flying on the screen! You can travel anywhere you want on the track, regardless of obstacles or other racers. When you hit the hop button you kind of flicker up and down the screen a bit which is a bit odd, and you will also see other enemies kind of taking flight! As I say, similar to our first code but still awesome!

Feel like you just need to throw up whilst playing Super Mario Kart? Try the code 1DEB-CDA4 and you are set! Only this time you will be throwing up pipes as you drive! This also has some weird effects by making other players fly around, existing pipes hover off the ground and you can’t collide with them and you can even drive on any area of the track like it’s normal road. I tried this code on Bowser’s castle, which doesn’t have pipes, and I ended up throwing up Thwomps as the screen kept going black! It was pretty much unplayable but still interesting. Oh and also after I threw up a bunch of pipes in Mushroom cup the game ended up freezing on me. So that’s something.

The Game Genie code 5E38-4DD4 is probably one of the best codes you can use in the game. Right at the beginning of the race press left and you will activate any item you want by pressing certain buttons. A gives you a mushroom boost, Y uses a feather, R shoots a red turtle shell, Select drops a banana, L shoots green shells, X gives you a star and Up and Y with the right timing sets off a lightning bolt! This is hectic as and so much fun, you don’t even need to obtain a question mark block to have use an item, you can just spam whichever button’s you want and you can use infinite items! So go ahead and spam that green turtle shell till your heart is content, just don’t run into them after firing!

4BEB-CDA4 was supposed to give me a super high float, but I couldn’t get it working for some reason. Unless of course you count being able to drive anywhere I wanted unless there was an obstacle in my way. This actually worked out pretty well in the ghost castle level. There seems to be an abundance of cheats ending in CDA4 that have similar effects.

If you want to change the décor of the race tracks then the cheat code DF6F-47DF will help you out! The creator of this cheat refers to it as “Tuti-fruti track” which is, well, a pretty accurate description! Bowser’s castle has never looked fruit-ier, or something. On the bottom map some characters just appear as black sprites, as does Lakitu, and when you get an item unless it’s a coin you don’t really know what it is. This would be a fun one to try on different courses for sure!

I’ve got a need, a need for speed! And the code 3FC4-CDA4 does just that baby! The creator of this cheat calls it 1000cc speed and they are pretty right. Even in a 50cc race you go bonkers! It’s like constant boosting or mushroom speed plus some super special sauce, or something. It’s actually super hard to stay on the road but it is really fun. Even when I won and it showed Koop Troopa driving automatically he couldn’t keep up! That’s the sign of a good game genie cheat.

6286-4F6D is a pretty hilarious code to try out! Named “Slow Motion Code” it does exactly that, to the CPU’s anyway! They hardly move! Talk about a crawling race! You can easily complete 5 laps before the pack even makes it to the first set of question mark item blocks! I had to be a bit more of a jerk though and stop in front of them and drop items, or sit and watch poor Bowser try to jump over a mini Mushroom from the Princess. This is a cool code, I like it!

The code 4FEB-CDA4 is another cool one, this is known as Phantom mode and it makes it so you can move through other characters without spinning out! You can also pass through obstacles and land barriers without any problems meaning that once again you can pretty easily come first by cruising through half the course. I still could get hit by items though so watch out for those banana peels!

Are you ready to get dizzy? The code 87EB-CDA4 is so weird! It basically spins you around and around whilst you are accelerating! It made me feel weird to be honest. If you stop accelerating you can hop around changing directions but you can’t leave the spot where you started. Woah I’ma dizzy!

I have always suspected that Lakitu was up to something. The code 47EB-CDA4 proves it! This time whenever you hit any obstacle or opponent or item you are thrown out of bounds and Lakitu basically kidnaps you for as long as he wants too! This makes it super hard to progress through the track as you may be indisposed with Lakitu for quite a while!

Want to bet you will always come first? Try the cheat 31C4-CDA4 as your game genie code and you will be a sure winner! Regardless of where you are placed in the race you will always be shown as being 1st! In other words you can’t really rank out of the race. Unfortunately I couldn’t test this completely as the game eventually froze on me, but I suspect that was just because I was trying very hard not to be first, or something. Anyway this is a code you should try for sure!

And the last game genie code we will take a look at is F9C4-CDA4 which the creator named “Baby carriage cart” which kind of fits! When you start the race your kart becomes red and very glitched kind of in the shape of a baby carriage! For some reason it also has the word "Lap" on the cart both backwards and forwards. You have got to love glitches!

To finish off this video I thought we would take a quick look back at an older video I made that shows us some cheats for Super Mario Kart that don’t require a game genie!

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