Super Mario Sunshine

Released: July 19, 2002

Super Mario Sunshine is a 3-D platforming video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo GameCube . It was released in Japan on July 19 , 2002 , in North America on August 26 , 2002 , and in Europe on October 4 , 2002 . It is the first original traditional Mario platformer since Super Mario 64 , six years earlier. It will be succeeded by Super Mario Galaxy for Wii.

Mario Sunshine

Mario sets out for the prestigious tropical retreat Isle Delfino, for a well-deserved vacation with Princess Peach , Toadsworth , and other many colored Toads. Upon arrival, Mario finds that the once-pristine island has been vandalized with graffiti and toxic goop. As a result of this pollution , sun-shaped objects called Shine Sprites, the island's sources of power, have dispersed, and the island is covered in a perpetual shadow. Even worse, the culprit seen spreading the graffiti is disguised as Mario (he is later referred to as "Shadow Mario"); thus, Mario is promptly arrested as he steps off the plane. Shadow Mario is identified as a blue, paintlike version of Mario with red eyes and a large paintbrush he uses to paint graffiti, including his double-arch-like tilted "M" symbol (similar to the McDonald's one) with a vertical dash above each hump of the "M".

Mario is put on trial, found guilty, and ordered to clean up the mess and return the Shine Sprites. To help with the cleaning, Mario finds FLUDD , a powerful water cannon toted like a backpack ("FLUDD" stands for "Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device"). Mario sets out on his adventure, promising to clear his name and locate the real criminal while restoring tranquility and order to Isle Delfino.


Super Mario Sunshine is the first game where Mario extensively uses an accessory (FLUDD) to complete his mission. The pair work together as team, not unlike the teamwork in the Nintendo 64 title Banjo-Kazooie , which featured a partnership between the characters Banjo and Kazooie. When Mario first acquires FLUDD, he can spray and hover in the air using its nozzles. Two other nozzles can be unlocked later in the game to extend FLUDD's functionality - the Rocket Nozzle which propels Mario high into the air, and the Turbo Nozzle which lets Mario sprint superfast on land and water, as well as break down wooden doors.

The game contains a number of independent levels, which can be reached from Delfino Plaza (the hub or overworld). Gameplay is based around collecting Shine Sprites by completing various tasks in the levels and overworld.

At first, each level features one task (called an "episode") which may be completed to acquire a Shine Sprite. There are 8 episodes for each level. The player is then returned to Delfino Plaza and a new task is unlocked on the level they just played. Each level consists of up to eight of these tasks, which may be played again at will once they are completed. Once the player has collected enough Shine Sprites in total, a new level is available at Delfino Plaza, either by the acquisition of a new ability or some plot-related event. Shine Sprites are also available by collecting blue coins. Ten of these coins may be traded for one Shine Sprite in the overworld.

Mario Sunshine

Gameplay proceeds in this fashion until all of the Shadow Mario–related missions are completed, which unlocks the level containing the final boss. As the total number of Shine Sprites available at any given point is greater than the number of Shine Sprites needed to unlock the next level, the player may choose which tasks he/she wishes to attempt.

In homage to Super Mario World , Mario can also ride Yoshi in this game. Yoshi can be used to eat certain insects and birds to produce yellow or blue coins or Shine Sprites. Yoshi can also eat fruit and squirt the juice of that fruit. This juice can be used to dissolve orange Generators acting as obstacles as well as to briefly transform enemies into platforms for Mario to step on. The color of the Yoshi and the effect of its juice depend on the type of fruit last eaten. Yoshi will disappear if he touches a deep body of water or if Mario dismounts him while in water. While Mario is riding Yoshi, a woodblock will accompany the background music as in Super Mario World. You can get Yoshi by obtaining a certain amount of Shines.


The game takes place on the beautiful tropical resort of Isle Delfino which is mainly inhabited by the Piantas and Nokis. Not based on any particular area of the world, the names of the island and the different areas of the island seem to be Italian in origin and the architecture is Mediterranean in style, though with their grass skirts, the Piantas would seem to have a somewhat Hawaiian appearance. Isle Delfino is in the shape of a dolphin, as an homage to the GameCube's original project name, Dolphin. Further, "delfino" is Italian for "dolphin".

Mario begins the game after his plane lands on the airstrip. He acquires FLUDD and obtains the first Shine Sprite. A cutscene occurs in which he stands trial and is imprisoned. The player resumes control when Mario is instructed to go about cleaning the island. Mario is not monitored closely, and thus is free to roam about Isle Delfino. He must collect Shine Sprites, the island's main power source. The more you obtain, the lighter the island gets.

Delfino Plaza is a very tropical setting, with a small lake flowing through the centre. There are a few houses, as well as a lighthouse and a place where you can exchange blue coins for shine sprites. As well as this there is a small open market where fruit is sold - bananas, coconuts, durians and melons. There are also many birds which look like parrots, who sit on the rooftops of Delfino Plaza.

Mario Sunshine


There are 7 standard levels in Super Mario Sunshine , as well as the lead up to the final area, Corona Mountain. The name of each level contains an Italian word (in parenthesis), continuing with the theme first appearing in the island's name. You only need to beat the missions involving Shadow Mario in the 7 different levels to go to Corona Mountain. There are 120 Shine Sprites.

Bianco Hills

The first level of Super Mario Sunshine , Bianco (white) Hills contains a small windmill village and a giant windmill surrounded by a lake. Mario battles Petey Pirahna and his re-incarnation atop the windmill and also meets Shadow Mario for the first time within a level.

Ricco Harbor

Ricco (rich) Harbor is a bay sitting on the side of a cliff that has been plagued by dirty water and octopi. Mario must battle a giant Glooper Blooper twice, as well as surf atop some colourful bloopers and climb along some narrow pathways to a cage hanging from the sky in order to find the Shine Sprites.

Gelato Beach

Gelato (ice-cream) beach, Mario's next destination, is a pristine beach located next to some steep hills. Mario seeks to get rid of the giant caterpillar Wiggler, as well as race Il Piantissimo and dive in a coral reef for red coins. Mario then joins in the local celebration of the watermelon festival, and hopes to bring home the largest melon to win the prize. This is one of the levels where graffiti is not found, although red 'M' can still be found here.

Pinna Park

Next up, Mario travels to a wacky amusement park called Pinna (Meaning fin , flipper . Also, Mario Pinna was an Italian Biplane fighter in WW2) Park, where he is set to help fix the ferris wheel and ride the roller coaster, give a bit of life back to some wilted flowers and ride pirate ships, all while avoiding electrically charged Koopas and Monty Moles shooting Bullet Bills from beach cannons. He also meets up with Shadow Mario. This is the second level where graffiti is not found, although red 'M' can still be found here. After restoring life to the wilted flowers, you chase Shadow Mario for the Yoshi Egg at Delfino Plaza upon coming out of Pinna Park.

Mario Sunshine

Sirena Beach

Sirena (mermaid) Beach is the location of a hotel and casino that needs Mario's help. Besides being surrounded by electric manta rays, the hotel and casino itself is home to a myriad of Boos (some larger than others) and many secrets that will have Mario accommodated for days.

Noki Bay

Noki (shell) Bay is a beautiful bay that is overshadowed by a sheer cliff-face. Mario is set to help the locals clean up the water, as well as discover some secrets on the face of the cliff and have a swimming rematch with Il Piantissimo. He also gets a 'swimsuit' for 3 of the stages here. This is one of the levels where only 1 'Secret' stage is found.

Pianta Village

Pianta (Plant) village is Mario's final destination before Corona Mountain. Mario must rescue the mayor of the town without the aid of FLUDD and help to discipline some unruly chain chomps. A climbing rematch with Il Piantissimo is also in store. After saving the town, Mario is free to join in the Fluff Festival, but he better make sure he doesn't hang on to the fluff for too long! This is the second stage where only one 'Secret' stage is found.

Corona Mountain

Corona (crown) Mountain is the lead up to the final battle, Corona Mountain sees Mario travelling by foot and boat above a river of deadly magma. He then blasts up into the clouds above to meet Bowser and Bowser Jr. on floating mass of rock hot-tubbing together in a tub with green water, along with Princess Peach floating on a giant rubber duck.

Mario Sunshine


Some of the major enemies in the game are:

  • Goop spewing Piranha Plants : These appear in large pools of goo. When Mario sprays certain pools of goop these giant pirahna plants will occasionally arise from the depths, and in order to completely sanitize the pool, Mario has to defeat these beings by squirting water into their open mouths. (For the inky black goo, he must spray the Piranha Plant 6 times, awakening it twice.) Note that when you defeat one in Delfino Plaza, you almost always get a new world.
  • Petey Piranha (known as "Boss Pakkun" in Japan), a stocky, possibly mutated variety of the Piranha Plant species that spew goop out of their mouths and flap their arm-like leaves to fly. It makes trouble in two of Bianco Hills's episodes. He returns in a great number of games, including Mario Kart: Double Dash!! , Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time , Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour , Mario Power Tennis , Super Princess Peach , New Super Mario Bros , Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario Superstar Baseball.
  • Gooper Blooper , a giant squid that spurts globs of goop and uses its long tentacles as a means of attack. It is encountered twice in Ricco Harbor and once in Noki Bay. It also appears as the fifth boss in Super Princess Peach . He also appears in Mario Power Tennis .
  • Wiggler (also known as Hana in Japan) A giant caterpillar encountered in Episodes 2 and 3 of Gelato Beach (the player fights it in Episode Three.) It sleeps at the top of the Sand Bird's tower in Episode 2 until it is awakened by Mario, at which point it goes into a fit of rage and rampages across the beach, threatening to trample anything in its path.
  • Mecha Bowser , a colossal mechanical clone of Bowser who is weak against water rockets. He attacks with bullet bills and fire breath. Fought in Pinna Park. After Mario defeats it, Shadow Mario reveals himself as Bowser Jr. Like Gooper Blooper, he appears in Mario Power Tennis .
  • Monty Mole a mole in a turret with 3 cannons. He appears in Episode 2 of Pinna park (blasting Bullet Bills from the cannons) and Episode 1 of Noki Bay (blasting goo-covered spike balls). In both appearances, he also throws timer bob-ombs . He also appears in other games such as New Super Mario Bros. , Yoshi Touch & Go , Paper Mario , among many others.
  • Phantamanta , a phantom manta ray that appears in Sirena Beach. It has to be sprayed with FLUDD to defeat it. When it is sprayed, it divides. The manta rays are two-dimensional, so they travel along the ground and sometimes their silhouettes are seen on trees and the roofs of huts.
  • King Boo , a large crown-wearing Boo with an equally large tongue. It is found in an episode of Sirena Beach in which it uses a giant roulette wheel in the arena and reveals that it has a wide variety of tricks. Appearances in other games include Luigi's Mansion , showing up as the final boss alongside with Bowser , Mario Kart:Double Dash , Mario Superstar Baseball ,and Super Mario 64 DS .
  • Eely-Mouth , an enormous Unagi eel with bad gingivitis. Not necessarily a 'bad guy' but is destructive nonetheless. His teeth must be cleaned to make him leave.
  • Bowser Jr. , Bowser's son. Due to his father's lies, he thinks that Princess Peach is his mother and blames Mario for stealing her. He then diguises himself as Shadow Mario and spreads havoc on Isle Delfino to try to land the real Mario in jail. Appearances in other games include Mario Kart: Double Dash! , New Super Mario Bros. , Mario Power Tennis , Mario Superstar Baseball among many others.
  • Bowser , Mario's typical archenemy and the final boss of the game, he is encountered at the top of Corona Mountain, where he makes use of his notorious fire breath and shakes the hot tub so that its boiling contents spill over the sides. He is also assisted by his son, Bowser Jr., who fires Bullet Bills out of a cannon mounted on a boat floating in the tub.
  • Shadow Mario (see Bowser Jr. above.)


Mario Sunshine

Piantas come in male and female forms and a variety of bright colors. They wear leaf skirts (regardless of their gender) and have little palm trees on their heads instead of hair (to protect them from the sun ).Their ancestoral home on Isle Delfino is Pianta Village, but they have spread to almost every area of the island. Delfino Plaza features a 'Grand Pianta' statue, presumably some type of monument . Judging from the phrase spoken by an older male pianta in Pianta Village (Episode 8), they tend to have a long lifespan.

In addition to Super Mario Sunshine , Piantas have appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door . In that game, there was sort of a "Pianta mafia " led by Don Pianta in the city of Rogueport. The Piantas in the game wore suit jackets along with the obligatory skirts and spoke with stereotypical Italian-American accents.

Piantas have also appeared as audience members in other games such as Mario Power Tennis , Super Mario Strikers , Mario Kart: Double Dash!! , and Mario Kart DS , but finally made a playable appearance in Mario Superstar Baseball - although only male Piantas are playable (the playable Nokis are female).

Mario Sunshine


Noki are the other people who live on the island, although there are not as many Noki as Pianta. They are much smaller than Piantas and have a shell that covers their entire bodies except for their heads, arms, and legs. They use the shells to hide from attacks (such as getting sprayed with water by Mario). The Noki can be found in Noki Bay as well as Sirena Beach, the Pinna Park, and Gelato Beach. They are also playable in Mario Superstar Baseball . Like Piantas, Noki come in a wide variety of colors. The girls sometimes wear headbands and have higher-pitched voices than the males. Normally seen as blue Noki , they come in a variety of colours

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