Mario Party 6

Released: November 18, 2004

Mario Party 6 is the sixth game in the Mario Party series of board game style video games for Nintendo platforms. Released on the Nintendo GameCube in North America on December 6 , 2004 and in Europe on March 18 , 2005 . It is the first GameCube game to make use of a microphone , which comes packaged with the game.

Mario Party 6

The game's plot line goes as follows. One day the sun, and the moon got into a large arguement, both debating on which of them was more popular. Eventually, Mario and the gang join in on the fray and try to end the tif, by throwing a party!

In Mario Party 6 up to four players take turns moving on board game-style stages, often playing multiplayer minigames to earn coins and stars. While the object of the game is to amass the most coins and stars before completing a set number of turns, the focus is on the competition itself more than the outcome.


Orbs are special items players can either collect on the board or buy with coins. They can be used in many ways to give a player an advantage, such as stealing coins from rivals, hampering a rival's progress, or quickly obtaining stars. In Mario Party 5 , these were called capsules.

Day & Night

On multiplayer boards the sun will periodically set or rise (every three turns), producing different effects. Changes include spaces moving, different characters appearing, and changes to minigames. This is reflected in two new characters, Brighton and Twila. This day and night system is reminiscent of Horror Land from Mario Party 2 .

Solo Mode

Solo mode is where a single player embarks on a special single-row board with a set number of spaces to collect minigames. The dice block for Solo Mode only has the numbers 1-6 on it. At the end of the board, there is an exclusive rare Mini-Game space, where the player, as the name states, gets a rare Mini-Game without needing to play it. If the player goes past the rare Mini-Game space, they fall off the board and lose all of the mini games they have acquired. So to win, the player must land on the rare Mini-Game space. Solo Mode is one of the most efficient ways to get both Mini-Games and Stars.

Mario Party 6


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Wario
  • Princess Daisy
  • Waluigi
  • Toad
  • Boo
  • Koopa Kid
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Toadette (New Character) (Unlocked after purchasing her for 30 Stars in the Star Bank)

Mini games

Mini-Game Totals

  • Total number of games (85)
    • 4 player (23)
    • 1 vs 3 (11)
    • 2 vs 2 (12)
    • Battle (6)
    • Duel (15)
    • DK (3)
    • Bowser (3)
    • Rare (4)
    • Mic (8)

Mario Party 6


  • Smashdance:
  • Freeze Frame:
  • What Goes Up...:
  • Granite Getaway:
  • Circuit Maximus:
  • Catch You Letter:
  • Snow Whirled:
  • Daft Rafts:
  • Tricky Tires:
  • Treasure Trawlers:
  • Memory Lane:
  • Mowtown:
  • Cannonball Fun:
  • Note To Self:
  • Same Is Lame:
  • Lift Leapers:
  • Blooper Scooper:
  • Trap Ease Artist:
  • Pokey Punch-out:
  • Money Belt:
  • Sunday Drivers:
  • Throw Me a Bone:


  • Cash Flow:
  • Sink or Swim:
  • Snow Brawl:
  • Ball Dozers:
  • Surge and Destroy:
  • Pop Star:
  • Stage Fright:
  • Conveyor Bolt: Day
  • Crate and Peril:
  • Ray of Fright:
  • Dust 'til Dawn:

1-vs.-3 Mic

  • Verbal Assault:
  • Shoot Yer Mouth Off:
  • Word Herd:
  • Fruit Talktail:


  • Garden Grab:
  • Pixel Perfect:
  • Slot Trot:
  • Gondola Glide:
  • Light Breeze:
  • Body Builder:
  • Mole-it:
  • Cashapult:
  • Jump the Gun:
  • Rocky Road:
  • Clean Team:
  • Burnstile:


  • Hyper Sniper:
  • Insectiride:
  • Stamp By Me:
  • Wrasslin' Rapids:
  • Strawberry Shortfuse:
  • Control Schtick:


  • Light Up My Night:
  • Cog Jog:
  • Black Hole Boogie:
  • Full Tilt:
  • Sumo of Doom-o:
  • O-Zone:
  • Pitifall:
  • Mass Meteor:
  • Lunar-tics:
  • T Minus Five:
  • Asteroad Rage:
  • Boo'd Off the Stage:
  • Boonanza:
  • Trick or Tree:
  • Something's Amist:


  • Tally Me Banana:
  • Banana Shake:
  • Pier Factor:


  • Pit Boss:
  • Dizzy Rotisserie:
  • Dark 'n Crispy:


  • Seer Terror:
  • Block Star:
  • Lab Brats:
  • Dunk Bros.:

Mario Party 6

Star Sprint

Use the mic to sprint to the end of the course. Say run to make your character run. Saying it again will make your character go faster. Say left or right to make your character move in that direction. Say jump to make your character jump. If you need help say Mario Party to make your allies appear.


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