Super Smash Flash 2

This is the sequel to the first awesome Super Smash Flash Game so you know it's going to be good!!

This Super Smash Bros style clone allows you to play an awesome solo mode or even a massive free for all!

Complete with incredible intro, amazing animations and real Nintendo sounds, you can easily be fooled into thinking this is an official game!

Complete with 33 new stages like Bowser's Castle, Skull Fortress, Twilight Town, Chaos Shrine, Clock Town, Yoshi's Island and more, PLUS all of the original stages...this game is insanely well made and will have you stuck on your comp for some time!

Pro tip (took me a moment to work out, anyway): Choose your character by moving the P1 icon onto your choice and then Press spacebar to start the fight.



W A S D - Move (The D-Pad equivalent)
O - jump
P - attack
U - grab
I - shield
Backspace - Pause

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