Mario's Time Machine SNES Game Maps

Mario's Time Machine SNES maps

I'll be the first to admit that these "Mario's Time Machine" games were a little different to the Mario norm. It's weird, I can easily accept a giant lizard/koopa racing around a go kart track in a somewhat civilized manner but the idea of Super Mario travelling back in time, to undertake tasks such as visiting Thomas Edison and the Queen in the Queens Throne room, are harder for me to digest...

Anyway, we can all agree it is one of those odd unique Mario games and it sure made for some interesting level maps.

Here is a full list of backgrounds and game maps for Mario's Time Machine on the snes!

Koopa's Museum - 1st Hall Koopa's Museum - 1st Hall
Koopa's Museum - 2nd Hall Koopa's Museum - 2nd Hall
Koopa's Museum - 3rd Hall Koopa's Museum - 3rd Hall
Cambridge (1867) Cambridge (1867)
Orleans Battlefield (1429) Orleans Battlefield (1429)
Florence (1505) Florence (1505)
Vienna (1824) Vienna (1824)
Philadelphia (1776) Philadelphia (1776)
Menlo Park (1879) Menlo Park (1879)
Gobi Desert (1292) Gobi Desert (1292)
Athens (369 BC) Athens (369 BC)
London (1595) London (1595)
Calcutta (1947) Calcutta (1947)
Mainz (1455) Mainz (1455)
Pacific Ocean (1521) Pacific Ocean (1521)
Florence (1503) Florence (1503)
Stratford-Upon-Avon (1601) Stratford-Upon-Avon (1601)
Alexandria (47 BC) Alexandria (47 BC)

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