Ghosts 'R' Us

Mario Mayhem presents the Mario Cartoon Ghosts 'R' Us for you to watch online and enjoy!

  • Animation Studio: Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.
  • Cartoon Characters: Mario, Luigi, King Koopa, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Hip, Hop Koopa.
  • Directed By John Grusd.
  • Produced By John Grusd. 
  • Written By Perry Martin.
  • Originally Released on October 05, 1991.
  • Originally Aired on NBC

Cartoon plot: Yoshi, The Princess and the Marios are looking for a little caveman named Oogtar who has been lost in a very haunted woods, but they met Weizenheimer an evil Magikoopa. Yoshi runs away all by himself until he finds Mario, Luigi and the Princess and Oogtar but he thinks he was very scared of ghosts so can Mario and Co. escape?


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