It is a known notion that Super Mario has dominated the gaming scene since the early 80s. We loved him then, we love him now, and dare we say we will love the Mario Franchise forever? There are so many variants of the game to chose from, that it is somehow difficult to put a ranking on the game. However, let’s try to lay all the cards on the table and bring you some info in what we feel are the top 5 games from the Mario Series.

Super Mario Bros U. – Wii Edition

If you have a Wii or ever intended to buy one, make sure that you get Super Mario Bros U to go with it. Yes, from the very first day that you buy the Wii. That is how cool this game is. Graphically beautiful and a far cry from the 80s Mario simply mastered games that we are all accustomed to. The game invites you to join Mario, Luigi and Toad on an adventure across Mushroom Kingdom. Up to 5players can join the fun, as we see our main squeeze Mario morph into a Flying Squirrel and fly away, whilst clinging on to Baby Yoshi. For the best gameplay experience, we suggest you opt for the Story Mode version, where a story is painted, and your main goal is to save the enchanting Princess Peach.  If you are up for some entertaining with friends, grab a pizza and make a night in out of Super Mario Bros U.  You will not be disappointed.

Super Mario Bros 3.

Not a recent one, but a decent one. This is the phrase that comes to mind when we talk about Super Mario Bros 3.  If we had to talk graphics, this game does not excel in that, however let’s remember that the game was produced in 1988. However, we all love an arcade game with the same vibe that the arcades used to deliver.

The plot is all about Mushroom Kingdom being assaulted by the Koopalings (Bowser’s kids), as they conquer the seven kingdoms. The enchanting Princess Toadstool summons Mario and Luigi and asks them to visit all the seven kingdoms. Toadstool begs Mario and Luigi to retrieve the magic wand that was stolen from her father in order for prosperity and peace to reign back in all kingdoms. Your main task, as the player is to enter the castle and rescue the princess.

The strategy game is one of the best Mario games we have ever played and the arcade feel is priceless!

Super Mario Odyssey (2017) – Nintendo Switch

When we discovered Odyssey in 2017, we just fell in love with the game. The graphics, the plot, the vibe …you get the gist? This game is a whole new level of Mario, as he gets to meet and governor animals, people and other characters. The main goal? To save Princess Peach from the grasp of Bowser and his wedding strategy plan.

The beauty of Odyssey lies in the fact that via this game, Mario is exposed to new moves and tricks. The days of just jumping and running are over, and Mario can now throw stuff, capture things and even cap jump.

Odyssey is the game that made us say that a new era has descended on Mario!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) – Wii             

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the game that managed to bag a solid 97% via top site Metacritic. Deemed as one of the best video games in gaming history, the game is a masterpiece, and we wish we can bold, caps and even underline that.

Another game where both Princess Peach and Mario team up together in a 3d world to save the Mushroom Kingdom from world destruction. Bowser is now a supersized character who spins around, and unfortunately he abducts the Princess and moves to Outer Space. (This is why the Galaxy title!). Mario is granted a Starship and off he goes to outer space in the hopes to defeat Bowser and rescue the Princess. Joining him in this outer space adventure, we see Baby Luma, and other might characters who join up to helpbet our beloved Mario.

Super Mario 3D World (2013) – Wii U

To move from the arcade version to the 3D versions was a big deal. The early 2000s, saw the introduction of 3D movies, and of course the Mario series followed suit.

The plot here is quite simple, our Nemesis Bowser strikes again. This time he is going around Mushroom Kingdom abducting and trapping princesses in jars. The goal for Mario and the gang is to defeat Bowser (who has morphed into Meowser) and again bring the serenity and peace across the Mushroom kingdom. Of course, great graphics accompany your game like playing a good slot on a UK online casino, and a plethora of interesting characters to help you in your quest.

Mario is the character that has grown with us through time. Hand in hand we went from the struggles of childhood to out teen aghast years to now us buying Mario games to our kids. Do we love the character? 100%. We appreciate how the character has evolved, and we only hope that the years to come bring us more Mario games. Improved, motivated and with a great sense of fun!

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