Hello friends, today it’s time to venture back to the mysterious 90’s with My and Mr. Miyamoto’s favourite Mario game, Super Mario World! Sit back, relax and enjoy these 8 facts and oddities from the epic SNES classic! Video at the bottom of the post!

realistic super mario world

Starting with Number 8 we have – Nine Inch Nails tribute

Keeping with the Koopalings musician names, it seems like Nintendo America enjoy a bit of rocking out! The bosses you fight at the end of fortresses are known as Renzor’s and are actually named after the Nine Inch Nails rock band founder Trent Renzor!

renzor trent renzor nin

Number 7 – 5 up!

We are all familiar with the traditional one up and even the rare 3 up moon, but a 5 up? That’s gone too far. Perhaps the game’s creators disagree though, for found in the games unused data is a 5-up Sprite! You can actually get a 5 up in the game too, by bouncing on wrigglers or using a game genie but the sprite renders upside down and back the front due to an error in the coding!

SMW5Up super mario world 5 up

Number 6 – Delicious Dolphins

Those of you familiar with our Yoshi video will remember this fact so I’ll be brief! Long story short in the Japanese version of Super Mario World Yoshi was able to eat the jumping dolphins but this ability was removed in the Western release! This Dolphin eating functionality was added back into the Game Boy Advance version however so if you enjoy yourself some Dolphin go and get a Game Boy.

yoshi eat dolphin yoshi eat dolphin 2

Number 5 – Near Racoon playability!

Early released screen shots of Super Mario World show the return of Racoon Mario and the leaf! Obviously this was changed to the cape but there are still unused Racoon and leaf sprites on old test cartridges used by Nintendo for controller and console diagnosis!

super mario world raccoon super mario world raccoon

Number 4 – Special World SNES logo

Did anyone not notice this Easter egg when they played? Just in case anyone missed it the logo shown in the Special World is actually Super Nintendo’s Logo.

super mario world special world super nes logo

At Number 3 we have – Sunken Ghost Ship origins!

Remember the haunted ship you have to swim through to get to World 7? The Game manual actually informs us that this Ship was the destroyed Air Ship used by the Koopalings in Super Mario Brothers 3!

SGS Overworld ValleyofBowser SMW

Number 2 – Yoshi’s Mail Box

If you had too much spare time as a kid you might have wondered “What on earth is that weird symbol on Yoshi’s Letterbox”? Well wonder no more! This Mysterious symbol is actually the logo for Japan’s Postal Service!

super mario world yoshi letter box

And finally at Number 1 we have – Caged Mario

The original game might have included a flying cage that housed Mario and was carried by 4 birds! Obviously this caged madness didn’t make the final cut but the code can still be found on the cartridge even if the graphics are incomplete. This certainly would have added a different element to the game and I’m not sure what the intention behind it was but it’s an interesting piece of cut content none the less!

SMWCage SMWCageBirds


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