Today it’s time to get spooky, prime the Poltergust 3000 and enjoy these top 10 Luigi’s Mansion facts, Easter eggs and cut content pieces!

luigi's mansion render

Starting with Number 10 we have – Creepy Welcome

Presuming you have a memory card when you play, take a closer look at the file select screen next time you boot up your game cube! A message creepily appears and disappears that says “Welcome to your mansion”, only the “y” in “your” disappears before the rest of the wording leaving you with a spooky message of “welcome to our mansion”. Similar to this subtle scariness the copy and erase messages also creep the pants off you with the copy message reading “More files means more fear” and the erase message alternating between “you can erase the files” and “but not the fear”!

lm file select screen welcome to your mansion lm file select screen copy lm file select screen erase

Number 9 – Planned 64 release

Luigi’s Mansion was actually planned as a Nintendo 64 title! Hidden in the games data remains the sound effect from Mario 64 jumping into a painting and even a cropped image of Daisy’s artwork from Mario Tennis. To make this theory a little more complete, director of Luigi’s Mansion, Hideki Kono, has also that the game was originally going to be released on the 64 but was moved to the Game Cube because of technical limitations.

Luigi's Mansion 64 (alpha) Luigi's Mansion 64

Number 8 – Henry and Orville

Luigi’s Mansion gives a nod to both the Automobile and flight industry with the two ghost characters called Henry and Orville! As you may have guessed, Henry is a reference to Henry Ford who is the founder of Ford motor Cars and Orville is a reference to Orville Wright who along with his brother designed and flew the first powered fixed-wing airplane!

Henry and Orville ghosts henry and orville ghosts

Number 7 – Star Wars hat tip

If you try visiting King Boo before capturing all of the portrait ghosts he will proclaim “I will not give up my favourite decoration, I like Mario just where he is.” Star wars buffs will have already realized this is a direct reference to Return of the Jedi where Han Solo is trapped by Jabba the Hutt, just replace “Mario” with “Captain Solo” and you have Hutt’s speech!

luigi's mansion star wars reference Han solo luigi's mansion star wars reference Mario Painting

The Creep show continues with Number 6 – Elh

Again hidden amongst the games data is this tall, faceless , twisty creature known as “Elh”. Whilst it does have some animations stored for this creature it has no textures of it’s own meaning it probably hooked into something else. No one knows what this creature’s purpose was or why it was removed but it appears to have been added about a month after Luigi’s Mansion was demoed at E3.

LM elh Luigi's mansion Elh

Number 5 – Stretchy Mario

Hiding amongst the games data is an amusing model of Mario that is stretched out to Luigi’s proportions and even has back straps for the Poltergust 3000! It’s theorized this simpler Mario Model was made to take advantage of the already programmed movements of Luigi as this ditched model named “B_Mario” even had the same gloves as Luigi, probably to handle the poltergust more accurately. Whilst the true reason for this model’s existence is unknown it does allow us to speculate about a possible multiplayer functionality we missed out on.

luigis mansion unused mario model

Number 4 – Removed Timer

In the beta version of Luigi’s Mansion there was a timer on the Heads up display that, according to Nintendo Power Magazine, was in place because Luigi only had 24 hours to save Mario. Whatever happened after the time ran out was never explained but some left over ranking files in the games data may cast some insight. Left over renders show Luigi with a flower looking sad, him looking happy with a peace sign and then a third of him making two peace signs. These left over graphics have caused people to speculate that Mario might have disappeared when the clock timed out, leaving Luigi forlorn at his loss or ranked upon completion of the game depending on the points you scored.

LM-Endingbad LM-Endinggood LM-EndingrankA luigi's mansion removed timer

At Number 3 we have – Shy Guy’s only face reveal

Using the Poltergust on a Ghost Shy Guy causes their mask to fall off and make them vulnerable to your torch and your attack! Luigi’s Mansion is the only game in the entire Mario series in which Shy Guy’s face is revealed! This graphic here shows us all of the Shy guy ghost variations in the game, including a blue and cyan version that were hiding unused in the games data.

shy guy no mask variants

Number 2 – Record Time

Recken you are pretty speedy at completing Luigi’s Mansion? Currently the world record stands at 9 minutes and 43 seconds. The player that holds this record however took advantage of a series of glitches that allow Luigi to go out of bounds after the first boss and head straight to the final boss room.

luigi's mansion record time

And finally at Number 1 we have – Creepy Boss!

There is a rumour following Luigi’s mansion that says there was going to be a stereotypical Australian hunter boss for the Safari Room. Supposedly this hunter would proclaim “I’ll kill you and mount your head as a trophy!”, if this truly was the case it’s not hard to see why he was removed from the game. To add a little more mystery to this creepy boss rumour there is little to no evidence of this hunter ever making it to the game, just the rumour. So where did this rumour start? Supposedly a Nintendo Power Magazine may have made a comment regarding the hunter in jest, in their “pulse” section, but even this articles remnants seem to be hiding!

Luigi gcn beta hunter by thenabil

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