Hello friends and welcome to another quick Mariomayhem.com video! Today it’s time to jump into the cannon and blast off into bob-omb battlefield with these 9 Super Mario 64 facts, Easter eggs and cut content bits!


Super mario 64 facts header

Starting with Number 9 we have – Metal Wing Cap

Hidden on the Mario 64 game cartridge is a metal wing texture! Just like in Dire Dire docks how the Vanish and metal caps can be combined, it seems like there was an idea to allow the same with the wing and metal caps! Whilst there are no levels in the game where the two caps meet, using hacks one can actually get the metal wing cap combination working!

SM64 meta wing cap SM64 metal wing cap sprite

Number 8 – Bowser Murals

Next time you are running around on the level Bowser in the Sky take a closer look at the pillars! Some of them feature retro scenes of Bowser fighting Mario from Super Mario Brothers on the NES!

sm64_Bowser_in_the_Sky sm64_bowser_pillar_mural

Number 7 – Strange Trampoline

Again hiding unused amongst the game cartridges content is this strange Trampoline! Presumably this would have acted in a similar fashion to spring boards from other Mario games but the behaviour was never coded for it and it obviously didn’t make it into the final game.

SM64 unused Trampoline

Number 6 – Looney Tunes Voices

During the development of Mario 64 and before voice actor Charles Martinet came onto the scene, Mario and Bowser’s voices were filled with place holder Looney Tunes Character voices! Whilst the exact voices used weren’t disclosed, Bowser was said to sound more tiger like and Mario more childlike! One can only imagine a porky pig sounding Mario or a Fog Horn Leg Horn voiced Bowser!

super mario 64 looney tunes voices

Number 5 – SNES Release

Super Mario 64 was actually originally planned as a SNES game, utilizing a more advanced version of the Super FX chip than was used in other game cartridges. Obviously the game was pushed back to launch on the Nintendo 64, but interestingly Mario 64 helped design the actual Nintendo 64’s controller, in particular the joystick and c buttons were added for easier navigation and camera control in a 3D environment. This has led some to believe that it was in fact a lack of buttons on the SNES controller that made the developers hold off until the 64 release, rather than a lack of processing power!

mario64 mario fx snes SM64 fake snes cartridge

Number 4 – Plumper Penguin

After you have collected all 120 stars in the game take a trip back to “Cool, Cool Mountain” and race your old Penguin mate! You will find her a little bit fatter since she hasn’t been racing much lately! Another little Easter Egg in regards to our Penguin friend, after you complete the star where you return Tuxie the baby penguin to her mother, if you pick up the baby once more you will be followed around by an angry mother until you put Tuxie back down!

 sm64 cool cool mountain fat penguin easter egg

At Number 3 we have – Whomp Inspiration

Whomp actually debuted in Super Mario 64 and has quite an interesting back story! Whomps are said to be inspired by the Japanese mythological creature known as the nurikabe! The nurikabe are essentially sentient walls that block the road of travellers and trick or trap them! This makes sense especially when you think of Whomps later roles in the Mario Party series too!

Whomp King sm64 whomp nurikabe

Number 2 – Mips the Rabbit

During game development for movement and camera angles there was only 2 characters: MIPS the rabbit and Mario! MIPS was initially made just for development but made it into the game after the developers got attached to him! MIPS the rabbit is actually named after the Nintendo 64’s CPU which is a Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages or simply MIPS. To add a little bit more mystery to this bunny, he also references Alice in Wonderland when you catch him in the castle basement! Just like the White Rabbit he is late for an important date but in true Mario fashion he is happy to part with a star to move you along!

sm64 mips

And finally at Number 1 we have – Boo’s Laugh!

Just like Thwomp’s laughter being a sped up version of Wario’s in Mario Kart 64, Boo’s fast, high pitched laughter is actually just Bowser’s laugh sped up! This sample shows you the transition made from Bowser to Boo!

Bowser-Boo laugh

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