Gaming has been one of the most preferred sources of entertainment for a long time. The increasing demand and technology advancements forced manufacturers to make their games more exciting. Creators of the Super Mario Bros games were not an exemption; several aspects were incorporated in these games to keep users entertained as much as possible. The classic games contain aspects such as in-game hacks as well as real-life casino game concepts.

Real-life casino game concepts

The Mario Bros series of games involve many gambling games as part of the in-game features. These additional gambling features introduced many players into real-life gambling. Although there were no real rewards or losses, the in-game gambling rewards, such as extra energy and power-ups, enabled players to progress from one level to another. Here are some of the top gambling mini-game features found in the Mario Bros series.

Picture Poker

Picture poker borrows the concept of video poker. In the Super Mario 64 DS game, the picture poker organized by Luigi is similar to the five-card stud poker, except no card symbols are involved. Instead, icons such as ghosts and Luigi’s faces from the game are used on the cards. Although the rewards were virtual, Picture poker was considered one of the best online casinos by Super Mario 64 DS players.

Slots and Mushroom Roulette

Slots appear in most versions of Mario Bros. just like in real life best online casinos, in Mario’s world, the slots paid out decent rewards to players. The game involved simple slots where players would either pick up prizes or pick nothing as well as more complex reels. Just like the real-life roulette, the mushroom roulette involves placing bets on red and black on a specific symbol and the wheel spun to determine the outcome.

In-game hacks for Super Mario Bros 3

The Super Mario Bros 3 game has several hacks. Genie Codes, which, when used, makes the different stages of the game more interesting. The Genie Codes perform a variety of functions, from changing the game difficulty to giving extra scores and energy during the game. Although there are other external game modification add-ons, using the in-game hacks is much safer and provides the player with seamless control of the game.

Super Mario Bros3 Genie codes

The GOYUTV Genie Code increases the difficulty of the game immensely. When used alone, this code will make the game very hard for any player since it spawns munchers all around Mario. However, using the debug code makes it a little easier and interesting. The YEUXKGAA code transforms the Mario sprite on the map screen into a cloud. Also, the code gives Mario power-ups such that when you’re hit, Mario regains his usual form.

Other Genie codes for Super Mario Bros3

Another Genie code is PETZZA, which modifies the game into a Night Time style. Although this code doesn’t change the gameplay, you will notice an overall eeriness and ear-piercing garbled sounds. The above codes are for Super Mario Bros 3 and may not work on other versions of the game. It should also be noted that there are many other codes that one can use depending on what they want to achieve.

Since its creation, the Super Mario Bros game series have sold over 240 million units making it the Guinness world record holder as the most successful gaming franchise. The character, Mario, has been featured in over 200 video games. Charles Martinet, an American voice actor, has been the voice behind Mario since 1995. The actor has also provided the voices for Wario and Luigi in the game series.

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