Could Dr. Mario be a secret relative to the Mario brothers? Is that even possible? Odds are, he is the third Mario brother, as stated in the latest fan theories. Based on speculations by Daniel Kibblesmith, the writer of Marvel’s hit comic book ‘Loki,’ as crazy as it might sound, it is a likely theory.

This is not the first time; however, such crazy speculation popped up. In fact, there have been many unusual fan-made theories about the Super Mario world that raised a few eyebrows. Like Wario being a wild Mario fan and Princess Peach, the probable mother of Bowser Jr.

But, one of the most engaging theories so far is that Dr. Mario might be the third secret brother, fans have been waiting for. This is a cool aspect to think about when looking for inspiring video game essay topics.

The question is, how would a third Mario brother even pan out? Does the third brother already exist? It’s impossible to know for sure, but it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. So, let’s try and figure this out. Here, we will assess the facts about this potential scenario and talk about this theory in detail.

The Top-Selling Franchise and Its Crazy Theories

The Mario series has sold more than 620 million copies all over the globe, becoming one of the top sold franchises in gaming history. In 2018, the franchise earned just as much revenue as Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Legend of Zelda published IGN.

Since its popularity keeps adding up, it makes sense that more and more fan theories will emerge, one even where Dr. Mario is the secret brother of the actual Mario. If you are looking for video game argumentative essay topics on something similar, you may find this crazy theory incredibly inspiring.

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What Makes Dr. Mario the Potential Third Mario Brother?

The mushroom kingdom is huge and a diverse place. In it, all kinds of unique creatures exist, and without the assistance of Mario and brother Luigi, it would be hard to protect it. But, only a few inhabitants actually resemble Mario, and Dr. Mario is one of them.

The doctor has long been a probable suspect. A lot of fans have speculated over time that this character quite resembles the protagonist. Despite their completely different profession, they have very similar facial features, which could indicate that the doctor is Mario’s lookalike. A twin even.

A while back, the possibility of a third Mario brother was brought up if the franchise requires another superhero than maybe, the third family member could be created.

But, so far, Shigeru Miyamoto, the game designer for Super Mario, hasn’t made any such claims. Maybe it isn’t necessary, or maybe a time will come when the players will need another hero that can take the lead. So far, nothing was confirmed yet.

What we do know is that when the doctor first appeared in the ‘Super Smash Bros’ series, many young fans believed Mario was dressed as a doctor. But, when it was cleared up that the doctor is, in fact, a completely different character, it prompted a few questions.

Could it be that Dr. Mario rejected the family business to become a doctor? We can’t know for sure. Besides, this is just another theory fans came up with. It’s extremely entertaining nonetheless. The truth is, Mario and brother Luigi are twins.

But, that doesn’t mean Dr. Mario couldn’t be another relative. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most obvious characteristics that could make the doctor a part of this superhero family.

Could the Clue Be in the Name?

When you think about it, you will notice a couple of main differences between the actual Mario and his doctor counterpart.

The doctor is very slow and kind of sluggish compared to the superhero. We can see that when the doctor can’t jump walls and is less athletic than the other heroes. This could be another intriguing thing to think about when searching for video game research topics.

If you’ve played ‘Super Smash Bros Melee,’ you probably noticed that the doctor’s Ph.D. was blamed for weighing him down. Strange, but true. However, there could be a not so obvious reason for putting the blame on Ph.D. 

To achieve a Ph.D. in the medical field, one would have to dedicate ten years or more on constant education. It would be unfeasible for the actual Mario, a renowned carpenter, plumber, boxing official, and dedicated superhero to find the time to study for so many years.

That would indicate that the doctor is, in fact, much older than Mario and brother Luigi. In other words, the reason he is slower is probably that he is older. Even his hair is a little lighter and somewhat grayed compared to the actual Mario.

If you really want to connect the dots and complete the puzzle, take a look at the name – Dr. Mario. When someone obtains a doctor’s status, we don’t call them by their first name. For example, let’s say someone’s name is Maria Smith. We wouldn’t call them Dr. Maria; we would call them Dr. Smith. That would indicate that the name Mario, is in fact, doctor Mario bros last name.

This will make plenty of sense if you want to explore the relationship between these three characters. It would make sense why the doctor is constantly throwing more and more pills at them, probably because he is family, and he cares.

In reality, the doctor is a more humble, smarter, and older version of the two brothers and is versed in the discipline. These are all attributes that make him completely different from Mario and Luigi.


As you can see, the Mushroom Kingdom is no stranger to crazy theories. The universe has plenty of unexplained mysteries that have inspired fans to delve deeper and search under every nook and cranny. This universe leaves plenty of space to the imagination, so it’s no wonder how the doctor managed to get drawn in.

The cool thing is, there are plenty of reasons why you should explore the connection between Mario and possible brother Dr. Mario. Since we already have many facts that could connect the dots, it makes sense to put these characters in the same family.

Of course, Mr. Miyamoto hasn’t confirmed any of these speculations yet, but that hasn’t stopped fans from creating a super fun distraction. The doctor’s theory is just one of many and is sure to bring even more attention to this world-famous video game. Have you ever considered Dr. Mario as part of the Mario family? What do you think about their connection? Let us know in the comment section below.

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